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Aesthetic Effort To Go Beyond The Prescribed Norms

How do you see Mother Nature? Is it all about trees, sun and moon and the stars that stare at us from light-years away? Nature is labyrinthine, more than anyone can ever think of. What Is Para Consciousness- is the 6th book published under the grandiose 12 book project of Dr. Vipin Gupta. The whole project is a conscious effort to nullify our pseudo logical knowledge by provoking a fusion between science and our ancient wisdom.

The previous book on consciousness clarified the nitty-gritty of how we know what we know. Here, the present book will enlighten us with the potential beyond what we know through our borrowed consciousness. We as humans are always aware that our potential is more than the present reality. Still, we fail to arouse our consciousness and in turn overshadow our potential to be joyful, to be divine and spontaneous. This book will let its reader draw parallel between their potential with the natural system, supernatural system and also astronomical bodies. Over the pages, you will slowly realize how the astronomical system is nothing but an illusionary system. An illusion that is exclusively controlled by Mother Nature.

If consciousness is the managed dimension of our mind, the para consciousness is the manageable dimension of the consciousness. Understanding para consciousness is reflected as a step to ascend in strategizing better management of life. And the first step in that, as the author states, is to be sentient through devotion, dedication and discipline. In any organization, the managers who are the decision-makers, rely on five tools to decide: reason, intuition, notion, opinions and numbers. This book opens up the role of consciousness and para consciousness within this decision-making process. How to manage and transform para consciousness is explicitly discussed. It further states how science tends to refute cultural wisdom and how metaphysics tends to refute the assumptions of the primordiality of a deity.

The first chapter reveals the para conscious universe of the present reality, i.e. it deals with all the factors that alter everything around. It is interesting to know how para consciousness plays a vital role in letting us face challenges while reaching our desired goal. It depicts the para conscious universe through analysing our actions as both protagonist and antagonist. Besides discussing the primary, secondary and tertiary type of para conscious universe, the topic of consequential reality of the para conscious universe is elaborated well. Ever heard of anything Odderon? Be assured, this book is going to unveil many unknown and never-expected aspects of management strategies that too through our ancient scriptural information. The mathematical account is indeed difficult though the language and analysis are lucid. In the consecutive chapter, the author talks about the para conscious universe of the potential reality. The aim is to make each child an immortal entity. And the idea is simple- to form the potential self from the present self to clean the consciousness which has caused all the entropy (chaos) to the para conscious self.

The origin of space is the most enigmatic deal in the scientific world. The grand challenge of deciphering the origin of space is described here by studying the dynamic behaviour of space. It is intriguing to visualize an emotional growth of an individual at the atomic level. There is no scope of giving out any spoiler alert as that will require me to tell out the whole analysis. The wheel of spontaneity, as mentioned, can clear our doubts about sequential transformation. If you are accustomed to hearing about Saturn’s influence on your life, this book will help you to realize that aspect in a scientific way. It helps one see macrocosmic science through the lens of microcosmic objects. You’ll be wrong if you think this book to be too far from the present situation. The author has (tactfully) included the COVID19 situation into his study towards para consciousness.

This whole study is an outcome of stringent determination, outrageous imagination to coagulate our ancient wisdom to defy the pseudointellectuals. What Is Para Consciousness is an aesthetic effort to go beyond the prescribed norms and transform our lives for betterment. As I’ve stated earlier, none of these books is an individual read. It is a gradual process of enlightening. A 5 star from my side.

Book- What Is Para Consciousness
Author- Vipin Gupta
Reviewed By- Atrayee Bhattacharya at The Literature Today
Rating- 5/5

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