Interview with Vipin Gupta, Ph.D., is a professor of management, and co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino

Today we welcome Dr. Vipin Gupta with his book, What Is Para Consciousness. Let’s have a quick chat about his book, his journey as a management guru and a writer.

  1. Congratulations Dr. Gupta. We are really glad to have you onboard again. As it is the 6th book, I would cut it short and come to the point. Is this project a calculated step to hold India’s ancient scriptures aloft?

The goal of the project is not to hold India’s ancient scriptures aloft.  It is to illuminate reality.  The wisdom immanent within India’s ancient scriptures is key to knowing reality, just like the wisdom emanating from modern science is.  Modern science comprises a series of falsifiable theories.  It seeks to motivate the development of a theory of everything that potentially is beyond falsification. India’s ancient wisdom comprises a series of ideas substantiated by the experiences of diverse sages who withstood the test of time and space.  That wisdom has survived despite many alternative international ideologies, theologies, and religions trying to establish themselves in India, just like they have done worldwide.  However, the fact that they have failed within India to convert the majority of the population shows that no alternative has the power of conviction needed for a credible alternative.  One element of ancient Indian wisdom is not to demonstrate, brag, and propagate one’s wisdom.  The rest of the world experienced much shorter lifetimes of other religions, propagating the bragging and demonstration element.  There has to be something substantive in India’s wisdom that has contributed to its endurance.  When I am working to illuminate reality, that wisdom naturally becomes key to my work.

  • This project is named VIPIN. How did you come up with this idea?

I was looking for an appropriate name for the project.  As I deliberated on the goal, I realized that the purpose is to cultivate and develop my essential nature to offer its natural benefits for the wellness of the future generation of children and fulfill my life’s purpose.  My name means a garden without walls.   I needed to create a wall to dig inside my essential nature for making its essence available to everyone interested in knowing the secret of their nature and natural gifs. That’s why I named the Project as Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, or VIPIN. 

  • Please brief us about para consciousness.

Para consciousness is the potential that transcends our consciousness.  For knowing our potential, we depend on the leaders or the gurus. What’s the secret for any child to become a leader or a guru.  Some children become leaders by role-modeling appropriation, and others become gurus by role-modeling sacrifice of endowments Mother Nature gifts.  Most become followers, wishing Godly reproduction of the gifts to sustain their discordant followership.  When Mother Nature blesses their wish, they behave as deities, finding “absolute joy” (moksha) from servicing “transient joy” (nirvana) to devotees.  The book, what is para-consciousness, illuminates the path to be the “sentient entity” (siddha) we are, as the “param deity’s” (shiva) incarnations, to manage wishes naturally with our divinity.  

  • You have detailed about present reality and potential reality in a very academic approach. How will you describe the two in a layman’s language? An example will be sufficient.

The present reality is the “void” (shunyata, -2) we experience due to our infinite and variable wishes.   It comprises of the negativity within us due to our discordant energy and the negativity without us as we service our intrinsic discordant energy for trading extrinsic discordant energy.  We live an unfulfilled life and emotionally blackmail others into empathizing with our sense of deficit and feeling that they need to fulfill our wishes for “public welfare” (jana kalyan) and for their fulfillment.   We become a subject, exchanging the universe’s concordant energy to behave like an inanimate entity with no conscious energy for fulfilling the wishes while enjoying the gifts we already have in a positive state of mind.   In layman’s language, the present reality can be described as follows: है से हुज़्ज़त, नहीं की तैलाश! इसी लिए रहते हैं लोग उदास!!

The potential reality is the “development” (maha chitti, 160) possible if we develop strategic awareness of our “purchasing power” (kreni, 160) through a sensible investment of the gifts endowed by Mother Nature.  It comprises the conscious consciousness of our divine energy to manifest anything we wish through the planning of ourselves as the organization.   If we prudently plan the time in furthering our physical, intellectual, mental, conscious, spiritual, and causal health, then our development becomes self-luminous for everybody to follow.  In that case, each person can be a guru for oneself and lead a joyful life as an “enjoyer” (Rasiya, 9), without making us a leader in trading and compensating their extrinsic negativity with our intrinsic positivity. In layman’s language, the potential reality can be described as follows: रसो रसो ऐसा रस, मिल जाये रसिया रह जाये रस!

  • How to differentiate between consciousness and para consciousness? Again I would like you to describe them with a real life example.

Consciousness is the force we experience as a person by becoming a mediator of others’ wishes and consuming their discordant energy.  When we mediate the wishes others have, we become a Demi-God for them.  When we consume their discordant energy, we become a satan who expects others to reciprocate and fulfill our wishes.  As a satan, we expect everybody to fulfill the wishes of our followers, us as the leaders, and theirs as free entrepreneurs seeking to be in the institutional limelight like us.  We create a potential for three-fold growth to manage our responsibility for fulfilling our personal, social, and institutional wishes.  Our potential is grounded in the para-consciousness of our wishes as a working person, a socially networked person, and an institutionally motivated person.   Our consciousness includes our reality as a working person, a socially networked person, an institutionally motivated person, and a religiously devoted person, devoted to becoming a Demi-God while secretly behaving like a Satan.   It is the soul that contributes to the entropy in our potential.  It guides us to be conscious of our present and dig into the essence of that present.  

In layman’s language, the reality of me responding to your questions is within my consciousness.  The reality of you asking questions is within my para-consciousness.   I become conscious of those questions only after I become aware of them. 

  • You have written more than 180 journal articles, book chapters etc. Which work do you think is your best?

Each work was the best at the moment I worked on them.   I always put my best in everything I do.  That allows me to become better over time and dig deeper into the essence that empowers me to be who I am.

  • As a management guru, do you think this project can help in making organizational strategies?

This project aims to illuminate the prudent path for planning the self as an organization.   Once one knows how to plan the self as an organization, then one can plan any organization.  Our organizational planning is often ineffective because we do not know how to sustain our conscious well-being.   If we know how to perpetuate our social, human, ecological, economic, national, and psychological well-being, then we can plan infinite organizations to do the same.

  • What is Odderon? You have a special mention in this book.

The Odderon is a special type of quantum particle.   It is a four-body system.  It comprises a  multivariate group of three univariate gluons, derived from the bivariate correlation among the creature, the creator, and the creation.   A gluon is the intrinsic weak psychic force.  After incarnating us as a creature, Mother Nature let us be free to enjoy the life we wish.  With the consciousness of the gifts endowed by her, we become the creator creating diverse creations by forming innovative linkages among the gifted elements.  Like her, we seek “transient joy” (Nirvana, 123) for each child creation and let each creation be free to chart her “destiny” (Niyati, -1) within the realm of our “present consciousness” (param atma, 1600).   Therefore, the correlation of our creature, creator, and creation selfs with our Almighty Creator self weakens.  Mother Nature alerts us that we are the Almighty Creator of our creature reality by materializing the four forms of our reality into the Odderon.  The Odderon is the correlated reality of the consciousness we weaken and the consciousness we strengthen.   It is material evidence of us exchanging our consciousness with our para-consciousness.  The exchange transforms us from an Almighty Creature, enjoying Mother Nature’s reality, into an Almighty Creation, enjoyable as the product of that reality.

  • None of these books can stand out individual. I mean, a reader cannot jump to 5th book without reading the previous ones. Don’t you think it narrows down the reader crowd?

Since you have read all the books, you have experienced a growth in your consciousness.  Therefore, you have conceived the reality that each successive book requires knowledge of the previous books.   However, if you look carefully, none of the books refer to the knowledge base of the prior books.   In fact, none of the chapters or sections with the chapters refer to any exogenous knowledge base.   Each part of each book is standalone and can be read without reading anything else in the project.   Thus, this project broadens the reader base by standing out from the writer crowd.    It is like Mother Nature, you can get deeper by reading more about Mother Nature, but you can read even one sentence about Mother Nature and get material sufficient for lifelong fulfilled living.

  • Lastly, I would like you to relate the COVID19 scenario with your book.

My book explains how COVID-19 was in the consciousness of everybody in India when the first wave came.   Therefore people took precautions and made sacrifices to come out with a minimal loss of life.   After that, people exchanged the para-consciousness from other nations that India is a great manager of pandemic and enjoys immunity given the difficult living conditions.  Therefore, people start behaving like heroes, educating other nations about how they should be managing the pandemic.   As India advanced her leadership and a guru mindset, the deck of cards fell rapidly.  The absolute consciousness of the followership reality opened the eyes wide, with much damage to life and reputation.   The COVID-19 scenario underscores the significance of India realizing the essence that made her great in ancient times.  There is a need for deep introspection about how by trading para-consciousness, people of India have scripted downfall for their children.  There is a further need for an immediate corrective action using conscious consciousness. 

Interviewed by – Atrayee Bhattacharya at The Literature Today Group

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