The Perfect 5 Book Review | Abhay N Singh | Evincepub Publishing

The Perfect 5 Book Review | Abhay N Singh | Evincepub Publishing

September 16, 2020 0 By Evincepub Publishing

The present day time is all about the fiercely competitive people and their spirit of working hard and working smart. And as it has been said since a long time that knowledge is power, this continues to gain more relevance than earlier as the days pass. In the light of this, knowledge is available in abundance and this makes the selection of the right source of knowledge a little difficult for the one who wants to learn and understand things. Abhay N. Singh’s “The Perfect 5” is one such plethora of knowledge which is in a capsule, condensed and concentrated form.

“The Perfect 5”, as the name suggests, is about perfecting the skills of a person to get through the different stages in his/her struggle to get a job. Keeping this in mind, the title seems to be very accurately thought and appropriate to the subject of the book, But, it is not just about perfecting the 5 skills but also like an overall personality development project where the readers can read an learn a lot more, improvise and improve themselves to become better than they are at present so that wherever they go to seek work or employment, they are not refused.

The author shares his insightful experience of years and learning which he has acquired by observing people and interviewing candidates on a regular basis. This makes the book a product of the author’s experience and the things he talks about are not far-fetched rather they carry a practical approach and the author’s pragmatic methods to learn and understand things. The book is focused on not just the basic sharing of how things work in the process of getting an employment but the author also offers valuable examples from his experience to make the things more relevant and stronger in appeal to the readers. 

Singh focusses individually on all areas focusing on readers of all types. He designs the book in a manner which would cater to the needs of those who are starting from scratch and also those who have been in the learning phase for a long time but are still willing to learn and refine themselves to make themselves an improved version of their earlier self. The book becomes relevant in a universal manner because the employment process is more or less the same for all organizations and the author focusses on areas where most candidates face difficulty. Whether it is the interview, communication, group discussion or even selection of the outfit to be worn, the author gives all the necessary and important details at one platform. Every candidate will find something or the other relevant to his/her need and will get to learn something new or simply upgrade himself or herself for something better.

Through simple language and detailed style of writing, the author addresses the reader directly and also points out the flaws and mistakes that many may have done at some point of time or another. This makes the book a one-time read for all and many times read for all too. He begins the book by telling the readers the purpose of writing the book and goes on to discuss the concepts he is going to talk about in the coming pages. The readers’ interest is developed in the first place as soon as they come across these words as everyone in today’s time has a hunger for knowledge and everyone keeps exploring ways to learn and make themselves better so that they can make it to the finishing line and be victorious over their competitors. However, it would be better if readers read the book in installments rather than reading it all in one go as there is a lot to learn and absorb in the course of reading the book. The book is not just about reading but also imbibing the facts and information that the author shares through his valuable experience. This would only be of better benefit when the readers go through it slow and steady. 

All readers who have been in the job market for some time and also those who plan to enter the job market at some time in the future may find this book useful. The readers who are already a part of the labor force can also read the book as no one knows what can be learnt from where and when it may be. The others who are past their working age can also read the book and impart the wisdom to the coming generation. Also, readers who do not have any plans in the present time but may have plans in the distant future can find this book of importance as it will prove to be an early step in grooming themselves for the competition that they would face in the coming time.

Author: Abhay N. Singh
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2020)
Total Pages: 234
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Reviewed By:  Akhila Saroha

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