28, Nov, 2020
Book Review | Rahul Singh | Evincepub Publishing

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There was a time when human beings were concerned about the outer world and trying to explore and searching for the facts undiscovered. In that hunger for knowledge, various scientific inventions and discoveries took place. After two world wars in this post-modern era, the subject of study has surprisingly shifted […]

Literature Today:  What do you think about this modern society? Is it being partial to with the male gender? As everywhere the buzzword feminism is being highlighted? Saroj Sudan: The buzzword feminism may be highlighted to any extent but the reality is poles apart. Even today in so called modern […]

Time is considered the most valuable and precious thing with a person but the contradiction is that time has no monetary sense. Only the wise can understand how significant time is and make utilize it in the best possible manner as per their discretion. Some people lead their lives in […]

John Keats once said, “If poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all.” Poetry is all about expressing different emotions and using fewer words than ordinary speech to convey what a person is thinking. This “spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions,” […]

Book review of “BIKHRE SAPNE…” This book has been authored by M.Murtza, who had been a great author of many successful books like “Roshni ka Minaar,” “baag ki khushboo,” “Anuradha,” and so on.Author M.Murtaz has covered the points coupled to paucity, rape, false cases, and regrets. This book is a […]

Criticspace Journals: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, author. Congratulations on the release of your book. What responses are you getting from your readers? Please share your experience with this book. Author: Thanks. My readers are liking this book. They are admiring and appreciating my latest work a lot.They are showering their […]

BOOK REVIEW: A TRYST WITH A NEUROLOGIST DR. NAVNEET KUMAR “He was finally asked to head the GSVM Medical College Kanpur and then he took charge of the college as Principal and Dean…(the college) has risen to further heights and glory under Professor Navneet Kumar’s vision and administration.” Bidhan Chandra […]