Spreading Joy: The Journey of Joy Alukkas from Thrissur to Global Gold Success

About the Book – Thrissur, renowned as India’s ‘gold town,’ witnessed the transition of Puthussery Alukka Joseph Varghese from the umbrella business to jewelry retail in the late 1950s. His son, Joy Alukkas, inherited the entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to Dubai, the modern ‘city of gold,’ in 1986. Overcoming challenges in procurement, staffing, and regulations, compounded by language barriers, Joy established the first ‘Alukkas’ store in Abu Dhabi, expanding to Dubai. Despite setbacks during the Gulf War in 1990, Joy’s resilience led to the re-establishment and global expansion of Alukkas with over 160 outlets in eleven countries. ‘Spreading Joy’ not only chronicles an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey but also offers valuable insights into the gold-retailing industry. This book is a treasure for aspiring entrepreneurs across industries as they strive to build their dream organizations.

About the Authors

Joy Alukkas is the founder and chairman of the eponymous global retail brand Joyalukkas Jewellery. Originally from Thrissur in Kerala, he is credited with modernizing the Indian jewellery retail business globally. Branching out on his own from a family-run business, he disrupted the traditional model of standalone jewellery stores and created a global chain comprising 160 stores in India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the UK and the US. His diverse business interests include forex remittance and textile retail under the brand name Joyalukkas Exchange and Jolly Silks, respectively. He figures on the Forbes’ Billionaires list of 2023 and is regarded as one of the most prominent business leaders of the Arab world.“

Thomas Scaria is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of India and the UK with over two decades of experience in financial strategies. Currently the General Manager (Finance) of Joyalukkas International and a member of its board of directors in India, he has worked closely with Joy Alukkas and learnt from him, gaining intimate insights into his professional and personal life. Having grown with the company in different roles, he has led various projects in acquisition, debt and equity financing. He is an avid reader of nonfiction books and has a great passion for teaching.“

Nidhi Jain is a writer, broadcaster, TV producer and media consultant. A journalist by training, she graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and worked with All India Radio, TV Today’s Aaj Tak news channel and Sony Entertainment Television in India before moving to Dubai as a programme director with TEN Sports. She also served as a relationship manager with the Emirates NBD Bank, Dubai. She has a deep interest in finance and psychology.

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