SIEL Book Fair in Rabat, 2024 Welcomes More Than 316,000 Visitors

Over 316,000 people attended the 29th edition of the International Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL), as reported by the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication.

According to the minister’s statement to the MAP, this edition had “a massive influx of visitors, with a total number exceeding 316,00, indicating an increase of 32%” over the previous edition.

“A new stage in the history of this major cultural event, demonstrating with each edition the value and usefulness of the efforts made to make books more accessible to citizens,” according to the same source, was marked by this edition.

743 exhibitors from 48 nations participated in SIEL’s 29th edition, which was held under the patronage of King Mohammed VI.

Nearly 100,000 documentaries covering a wide range of topics and interests were offered by the exhibitors.This year’s honoured visitor was the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

It was coordinated in collaboration with the Rabat-Sale-Kenitra Regional Council, the Commune of Rabat, and the Wilaya of the region.

Osama Muslim’s book signing was a major factor in drawing more people to the Book Fair. On Saturday, May 11, there was an unexpected surge of guests. a whopping twenty-three thousand in a day.

An additional section of the 2024 edition was devoted to the works of well-known Marvel and DC Comics artists.The exhibition halls were transformed into an intellectual and creative haven for scholars, writers, and thinkers by the varied and eclectic cultural programme.

The Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication hosts SIEL, an international cultural event, each year.An important component in attracting more people to the Book Fair was Osama Muslim’s book signing. The number of visitors on Saturday, May 11, unexpectedly increased. twenty-three thousand in a single day.

The 2024 edition had a special section featuring the creations of well-known artists from Marvel and DC Comics.The diverse and eclectic cultural schedule turned the exhibition halls into a creative and intellectual haven for academics, writers, and intellectuals.
An worldwide cultural festival called SIEL is held annually by the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication.

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