Crime, Grime & Gumption: Case Files of an IPS Officer by O.P Singh

Title: Crime, Grime & Gumption: Case Files of an IPS Officer
Author: O.P Singh
Pages: 256
Publisher: Ebury Press
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About the book:

The thrilling biography “Crime, Grime, and Gumption” takes readers on a tour of the life and career of legendary Indian law enforcement figure O.P. Singh. Singh’s journey, from his modest upbringing to his ascent to the rank of renowned government servant, is both captivating and motivational.

This book is unique because it presents the reality of policing honestly and without sugarcoating or minimizing the difficulties. After a personal tragedy, Singh’s early experience with indifferent officers serves as a painful reminder of the human aspect of law enforcement, which fuels his steadfast dedication to serving the people for the rest of his life.

The story effectively combines firsthand reports of field operations, close calls with radicalism, and the day-to-day challenges of upholding law and order. What really stands out, though, is Singh’s administrative prowess and compassion beneath the heart-pounding action. His ability to lead in delicate situations such as elections, insurgencies, and disaster relief speaks highly of his dedication to his fellow officers and the communities he serves.

The complexity of character development—the highs, the lows, and everything in between—is what genuinely captivates. Singh shows himself to be not only a fearless police officer but also a kind leader who prioritizes the well-being of his troops and the populace.

“Crime, Grime, and Gumption” is a captivating story about courage, determination, and duty, highlighting the resilience of individuals despite adversity. Written by an expert in law enforcement, it offers a thrilling blend of crime, action, and character depth, inspiring real-life heroes.

About the author:

O.P. Singh, a law enforcement veteran with nearly six years of command experience, led three major police organizations. He served as the chief of Uttar Pradesh Police, led the National Disaster Response Force, and headed the Central Industrial Security Force. Singh has been honored with the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and the Police Medal for Gallantry.

In addition to his work life, Singh enjoys a variety of hobbies, such as reading, listening to music, traveling, discovering new places, and mentoring young civil officials. His complex character is a perfect example of how to combine leadership, selflessness, and a dedication to developing the next wave of public servants.

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