Make Epic Money by Ankur Warikoo

Title: Make Epic Money
Author: Ankur Warikoo
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Pages: 340
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About the book:
In “Make Epic Money,” Warikoo returns to his examination of the basic relationships in life, this time concentrating on the complex realm of finance. Drawing on a plethora of personal experiences, both highs and lows, he presents a no-nonsense guide that transcends complicated financial language, providing practical counsel for reaching financial well-being.

The foundation was established by Warikoo’s earlier book, “Do Epic Shit,” which identified three crucial relationships that influence our lives: those with time, money, and ourselves. He now explores the third element, money, in depth in his third book, providing readers with a priceless personal finance guide.

Warikoo’s writing excels at simplifying difficult financial ideas into language that readers can understand. “Make Epic Money” is a welcome change of pace in a field that is frequently beset with jargon and occult advice. The author’s uncomplicated style guarantees that readers of all income levels can understand the ideas he puts out.

The book functions as a mentoring from someone who has experienced the highs and lows of personal money, rather than merely being a compilation of general financial advice. Warikoo creates a guide that seems sympathetic and personal by sharing the lessons he wishes he had known sooner in life.
From earning and spending to making money work for you, the “Make Epic Money” blueprint addresses a wide range of subjects. Because Warikoo’s ideas are useful, doable, and grounded in actual events, readers may readily adapt them to their own unique situations.

The book gains authenticity from the author’s openness regarding his personal financial journey. The open and honest thoughts on both achievements and setbacks will resonate with readers and foster a relationship that extends beyond the book’s pages. What distinguishes “Make Epic Money” from other personal finance books is its intimate touch.

To sum up, “Make Epic Money” is a must book for anyone hoping to improve their understanding of finance and take charge of their financial future. Because of Warikoo’s extensive knowledge and readable writing style, this book is a priceless tool for anyone starting out in the financial world.

About the author:

Ankur Warikoo is an Indian entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. He is well known for co-founding the online retailer Nearbuy, which was formerly known as Groupon India. In addition to his commercial endeavours, Ankur Warikoo is well-known for his inspirational speeches and writings, frequently offering advice on both career and personal growth. His books, such as “Do Epic Shit,” reveal his outlook on life and achievement.

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