RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management By Rajeev Nanda

Book: RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management
Author: Rajeev Nanda
Publisher: Walnut Publication (2019)
Total Pages: 190

Interestingly, this particular title, “RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management” by author Rajeev Nanda proposes a compelling argument about the ‘Soft Skills being the Key Differentiator’ in the modern job-oriented market. This book, aimed primarily at working professionals but relevant to anyone seeking career growth, promises to guide readers in developing these crucial abilities. Well, in today’s competitive job market, where the technical skills are increasingly standardized and automated, the author posits that traditional methods like pursuing additional degrees or certifications, while valuable, often neglect the power of soft skills. Through this book, he emphasizes the importance of mastering communication, collaboration, leadership, and other interpersonal skills to gain an edge over peers and achieve career progression!

Author Rajeev Nanda is a hi-tech industry veteran with over thirty years of experience in multifarious leadership roles. He started his career as a developer and later moved into management and leadership roles. He has managed cross-functional and cross-geo teams and has worked with CxO level staff on strategic programs. In his free time, he takes long walks, goes for a bike ride, reads a book, clicks some pictures or troubles his spouse by unnecessarily poking his nose in her affairs. When he is shooed away, he tends to write books, blogs or articles on whatever topic interests him at that time. Lately, it seems, he is turning more philosophical and he claims it is because of his spiritual growth but his loved ones say that it is the “cough age” creeping up on him.

Author Rajeev Nanda currently lives in the city of California in the United States of America. More about him is available on his personal website: https://rnanda.com while this particular title, “RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management” is published by Walnut Publication and was released during the period of October 2019. The book is available in paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can find this title on all the top online marketplaces!

This remarkable book, “RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management” by author Rajeev Nanda emerges as a comprehensive guide that navigates the essential terrain of soft skills development. As, the title brings to light the often-overlooked aspect of creating a significant differentiator in the workplace, the book covers the mastery upon soft skills, allowing the readers to learn and understand all about achieving career progression as well as professional growth. In addition, the book serves as an incredible reading material not just for the working professionals but also for the students and the business owners. Most importantly, the book addresses a fundamental challenge, which is faced by most of the working professionals, i.e. ‘how to stand out in a crowd of equally qualified and competent peers!’ While many might resort to the traditional approach of acquiring the additional degrees and the certifications, this book teaches a unique approach that is investing in the development of the much-required soft skills.

Further, the author contends that these skills become the distinguishing factor, especially when the technical competencies are standardized, automated, or disrupted by technological advancements. Well, the ‘9 Learning Worthy Chapters’ in this book serves as a primer on a spectrum of soft skills deemed crucial for career progression and professional growth. Author Nanda’s approach is pragmatic, offering actionable insights and practical advice that readers can implement in their daily professional lives. The book’s targeted audience is working professionals, but its applicability extends to students, individuals, and business owners seeking a competitive edge in their respective domains!

The Strength of this title, “RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management” lies in its relevance to the contemporary professional landscape. Author Nanda does not merely list soft skills but provides practical insights on their application. From communication and leadership to emotional intelligence and time management, each skill is dissected and explained in the context of career progression. What sets this book apart is its holistic approach as the book recognizes that soft skills are not isolated entities but interconnected facets of a successful professional. Nanda guides the reader through the nuances of creating a compelling personal brand, establishing effective networking strategies, and navigating the challenges of the digital age!

Moreover, the book offers timeless advice on cultivating a growth mind-set, a quality essential for thriving in an ever-changing environment. Author Nanda’s emphasis on continuous learning and adaptability as essential components of soft skills aligns with the demands of the contemporary workplace. One of the commendable aspects of the book is its relevancy in the face of evolving job markets. The author recognizes the transformative impact of technology on traditional job roles and emphasizes the enduring value of soft skills in this era of rapid change. As the author articulates, these skills not only provide a current advantage but also continue to grow in significance with consistent practice and mastery.

Finally, on reaching the Book’s Verdict part we can conclude that this title, “RISE – Essential Soft-Skills For Career Management” is most certainly a reading worthy work. Since, the book presents an interesting premise and raises relevant questions about the evolving job market and the importance of soft skills. Readers who are seeking guidance on developing these valuable abilities for career advancement would definitely find exploring this book worthwhile. In addition, the book not only identifies the soft skills essential for professional success but also serves as a guide for individuals to cultivate and integrate these skills into their professional journeys!

Moreover, this title serves as a beacon in this transformative landscape, offering a roadmap for individuals to cultivate the skills that will set them apart in their professional journeys. Whether you are a student entering the workforce or an experienced professional seeking to refine your skill set, this book provides a valuable toolkit for success in the dynamic world of careers.

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