Literary Luminaries: The Top 10 Authors of 2023

In the dynamic realm of literature, a select few voices rise above, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Reflecting on the literary triumphs of 2023, our attention is drawn to ten exceptional writers who have distinguished themselves through skill, originality, and compelling narratives.

These authors adeptly navigate themes of love, loss, identity, and the human condition in their novels, essays, and poetry, resonating profoundly with readers. Their words transport us to distant realms, prompt introspection, and evoke powerful emotions.

Join us on a journey through the literary tapestry of 2023 as we celebrate the diverse voices and captivating stories that have captivated readers worldwide. Each writer on this list, whether established icons or emerging talents, represents the pinnacle of literary achievement, pushing the boundaries of imagination and creativity.

Through this blog series, we will delve into the lives and works of these literary luminaries, exploring the inspirations behind their creations and the impact of their writing on contemporary culture. From critically acclaimed veterans to rising stars, each writer contributes a unique perspective to the literary discourse, deepening our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Let us commemorate the literary accomplishments of 2023 by recognizing these extraordinary authors and their transformative storytelling. Honor the top 10 authors who exemplify the enduring power of literature to inspire, enlighten, and enrich our lives.

Sheetal Kumar Niranjan

Sheetal Kumar Niranjan is an Indian author, eco-enthusiast, and I.T. professional with 15 years of experience. He works as a Systems Engineer at Tesco Bengaluru and holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering. Niranjan is passionate about climate change and shares his knowledge through his book.

Book:  “Eco-Living Starts at Home” 

‘Eco-Living Starts at Home’ is an e-book that offers practical tips and budget-friendly solutions for living a sustainable lifestyle. The author’s exploration and dedication to the environment are evident throughout. The book covers topics like energy consumption, renewable sources, water conservation, waste reduction, sustainable home construction, transportation, personal hygiene, and gardening practices. It’s a must-have resource for both seasoned eco-enthusiasts and those starting their journey.

Bimal Raj

Cdr Bimal Raj (retd), the author, spent 17 years as a member of the Indian Navy. Although qualified as an engineer, during his time in the Navy, he became a coach and trainer instead.  He holds multiple credentials from T. Harv Eker and Blair Singer Training Academy in addition to being an internationally certified NLP practitioner and executive power coach.  Worldwide, Bimal mentors CEOs, company owners, and high-achieving teams. Additionally, he has a great deal of experience working with parents and has guided hundreds of them through the challenging practice of proper parenting.  His favorite clientele to work with is still “Teens,” and he frequently leads his renowned Teen Warrior Programs to inspire the next generation.  As a businessman, he has established three start-ups.

Book: What Next: The Art of Bouncing Back

“WHAT NEXT?” is a book that blends self-help and autobiography, focusing on practical strategies and transformative mindset shifts. The author’s personal story, marked by resilience and determination, is told in a light conversational style. The book is a celebration of the human spirit and the transformative power of hope. The author’s background includes a distinguished military career, entrepreneurial endeavors, and international coaching. The book invites readers to explore the depths of human resilience and the power of perspective in overcoming adversity.

Kushagra Singh

Kushagra Singh is an inquisitive, self-described “growth-lustre” who enjoys taking time out from his consulting work in civil engineering and equity trading to teach yoga, give lectures on Indian scriptures, and write, and podcast. In addition, he has experience working in both street and stage theatre and has a diploma in clinical hypnosis. Kushagra credits Bhagavad Gita lessons from Shri Krishna for his success and his enthusiasm for everything he undertakes.

Book: “Wisdom from the Smiling Panda”

Kushagra Singh’s engrossing book “Wisdom from the Smiling Panda” explores spiritual principles that encapsulate the essence of the human experience. Kushagra carefully constructs each narrative, drawing on her own experiences and contacts to provide readers with meaningful insights. The spiritual lectures cover subjects like meditation, gratitude, and accepting change, as well as mindfulness, self-acceptance, resilience, and happiness. This compilation inspires readers to set out on a life-changing path of self-discovery by serving as a potent reminder of the wisdom inherent in ordinary experiences.

Priyanshu Goyal

Priyanshu Goyal is from Gwalior, an enchanted city in the center of Madhya Pradesh, India. He has been experimenting with many kinds of writing.  He had always been fascinated by the craft of narrative, and in 2016 his love of writing finally led me to develop a strong affinity for poetry. His first big composition, “Kaum Mera Ishq,” was inspired by the overwhelming appreciation and recognition he earned from Open Mic events where he performed his touching and soul-stirring pieces. This composition signaled a shift in his writing career.  In 2020, the author published HIS first book, “Khilaaf,” exploring themes of love, loss, and human emotions. His second book, “Waaqif,” has received critical acclaim. He draws inspiration from Greek, Norse, Japanese, and Indian mythologies, and the psychological thriller genre. His writing aims to create emotional connections with readers, inspiring them to continue being captivated by his unique voice.

Book: Just Another Myth

“Just Another Myth” is a collection of captivating tales that explore the intertwining of folklore and mythology. Drawing inspiration from Greek, Norse, and Indian mythology, the author explores the timeless allure of these stories. The collection offers a diverse array of narratives, enchanting and challenging the imagination. Each scene and detail is meticulously crafted, reflecting the author’s dedication to infusing fresh perspectives into ancient lore. The book is more than just a collection of stories; it is a testament to the enduring power of myth to inspire, entertain, and educate.

Subharun Pal

Subharun Pal’s journey is a mix of passion and humble origins, spanning various fields such as education, disruptive technologies, management, computer science, finance, and business law. He has held pivotal leadership roles in e-commerce, strategy management, supply chain management, business analytics, and business intelligence. His dedication to lifelong learning and a thirst for knowledge have led him to publish numerous research papers in renowned journals. He has also been a keynote speaker at global conferences, inspiring diverse audiences with his insights. His patents in India and the UK represent innovative milestones and resilience. His honors and awards are a reflection of the supportive community that has fueled his journey. The author expresses his passion for mentoring and educating young minds, highlighting his role as a mentor and educator. He believes in interdisciplinary collaboration and the power of converging ideas to create ground-breaking solutions. His academic journey has been enriched by engagements with prestigious institutions and endorsements from global organizations. His aim to inspire future generations to pursue their interests, find joy in knowledge, and appreciate every step of their journey.

Book: “Navigating Law & Order: India’s Path Ahead” 

Subharun Pal’s “Navigating Law & Order: India’s Path Ahead” is a comprehensive analysis of India’s legal landscape, focusing on intellectual property rights, digital transformation, and socio-legal dynamics. Pal’s approach is forward-thinking, envisioning an agile, responsive, and inclusive legal framework. The book is essential for legal experts, policymakers, and individuals interested in the future of law and order in India. It offers insights into the challenges facing the legal landscape and inspires hope for transformative change. Pal’s expertise and visionary outlook make it a must-read for anyone committed to fostering a more just, inclusive, and forward-looking society.

Debjeet Das

Debjeet Das is a former credit officer and branch manager at the State Bank of India. He was born and brought up in the steel town of Bhilai. He is the author of 14 books.

Book Laws, Paradoxes, and Models

Laws, Paradoxes, and Modelsis a book that explores cognitive frameworks and mental models, providing readers with a toolkit to interpret experiences, challenge biases, and make informed decisions. It uses interdisciplinary approaches from psychology, science, mathematics, economics, and sociology to illustrate the universality of concepts. The book encourages readers to cultivate a conscious approach to their thinking, embracing uncertainty and complexity as catalysts for growth. It serves as a manifesto for personal empowerment and intellectual liberation, promoting critical thinking and fostering intellectual curiosity.

Mohit Jain

The author studied hardware networking and found similarities between human and computer working concepts. He began collecting similar features and creating a book in 2013 to represent these working concepts. Despite receiving guidance from intellectuals, they struggled to understand the concept. He collected information, observed humans, and logically sequenced them. The book is a turning point in advanced-level thinking, particularly for the new generation, encouraging readers to think about technology and create innovative solutions for the education system. Written sequentially, it captivates readers’ interest and helps them understand the co-relationship between humans and computer systems. The book also helps readers understand how AI works and the similarities with humans. The author believes readers will benefit from reading the book and generate new future technologies.

Book: Human VS computer: Worldwide Education

Human vs. Computer: Worldwide education is a groundbreaking book that explores the symbiotic relationship between human sense organs and computer peripheral devices. It reveals the intricate similarities between human physiology and computer hardware and software operations. The book explains how the human brain serves as the central command center, orchestrating neural networks like a computer system processes commands. It also provides insights into the logical assembly of computer systems, empowering readers to understand hardware and software integration. The book is a must-read for scientists, technologists, and enthusiasts seeking to understand the human mind and harness technology for a brighter future.

Vasvi Tiwari

Vasvi grew up in Prayagraj, Allahabad, and is a third-generation lawyer. She graduated with an LL.B. from K.C. College in Mumbai and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Allahabad. She has always loved to read and travel, and when she suddenly discovered writing, she knew it was her calling.
Her writing, above all else, shines with her keenness, wonderful wit, and disarming humour.

Book: House as We Know It

“House As We Knew It: Life of Unending Memories” is a poignant memoir by Vasavi Tiwari that explores the essence of family, home, and the passage of time. The memoir is filled with vivid descriptions and anecdotes, bringing the reader into the intimate world of her childhood abode. The memoir transports readers to a bygone era, evoking a sense of timelessness and wonder. Despite the warmth and nostalgia, Tiwari also explores the complexities of family life, including the loss of her father and the challenges faced during times of upheaval. The memoir serves as a testament to the enduring power of memory and storytelling, encouraging readers to reflect on their own experiences of home and family.

Sabareesh P.A

Sabareesh P.A. studied in Kerala and Karnataka after being born in Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. At Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, the author is presently a PhD research scholar at the Centre for Studies in Science Policy – School of Social Sciences. Previously, Sabareesh had consulting positions with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences, the Government of India, and the scientific and technology non-governmental organization Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA). Research interests and areas of study include comparative philosophy, traditional knowledge, spirituality and religion, intellectual property rights, and the history of science.

Book: A Brief History Of Science In India

“A Brief History of Science in India” by Sabareesh.P.A is a book that explores India’s scientific heritage and its relationship with society. It challenges Western-centric narratives of science as a Western construct and highlights the inherent compatibility between science and Indian civilization. The book emphasizes the coexistence of science and society in harmony, highlighting indigenous knowledge systems, scientific methodologies, and technological advancements. It challenges readers to reconsider conventional narratives and embrace a more inclusive understanding of science as a universal endeavor. “A Brief History of Science in India” serves as a reminder of the transformative potential of science in shaping a more inclusive and equitable world.

Divya Venkateswaran

Divya Venkateswaran is a prominent figure in literature and education, known for her creative writing and English language training. She has experience in project management and has contributed to The Times of India’s “Soul Curry” section. Divya is also a discerning book reviewer and a music enthusiast. She has co-authored “IMPETUS – Rhymes Within Us” and has a solo poetry book and edited book “Health Warriors and Survivors.”

Book: A Slice of Reverie

A Slice of Reverie is a collection of 24 poems by Ms. Venkateswaran that blends contemporary verse with nostalgic themes. The collection explores themes such as love, loss, hope, and resilience, as well as societal expectations and personal struggles. The vivid imagery adds depth and beauty to the poems, with personal favorites like “Shadows” and “Soul Mate” resonating deeply. The collection is a perfect companion for a weekend read, with its rich tapestry of themes and emotions, making it a highly recommended read for poetry lovers.


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