Why Bharat Matters by S. Jaishankar

Title: Why Bharat Matters
Author: S. Jaishankar
Pages: 256
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
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About the book

S. Jaishankar’s book “Why Bharat Matters” provides an engaging examination of India’s changing place in the world. The author skillfully conveys the spirit of a New India that confronts the difficult problems of the contemporary world while drawing strength from its rich history and culture. The reader is skillfully guided by Jaishankar through the volatile and uncertain global scene that is characterized by the effects of COVID, changes in geopolitics, climatic occurrences, and technology breakthroughs. The book highlights India’s resolve to rise to prominence in order to further the interests of the Global South and the larger welfare of humanity, as well as for its own prosperity as a Vishwa Mitra.

In this perceptive study, Jaishankar emphasizes how important India’s foreign policy is in a globalized world and makes a strong case for the need for growing countries like India to use strategic foresight to negotiate the uncertainties of the international scene. The author’s viewpoint on India’s rebirth as a civilizational state highlights the remarkable aspects of India’s rise in the face of extreme unpredictability, giving the story more depth. “Why Bharat Matters” is a call to action for all Indians to consider the changing reality of their country, not just a diplomatic speech. As the book reveals the complex interactions between tradition, heritage, and modernity that have shaped India’s trajectory in the modern world, it becomes an absolute must-read.

All things considered, Jaishankar’s writing stands out as a thought-provoking and educational resource for readers curious about India’s position in the globe, and it highlights the connection between foreign policy and citizens’ day-to-day life. The insightful examination of India’s history in “Why Bharat Matters” offers a balanced viewpoint on the nation’s obligations and prospects in the international arena.

Finally, S. Jaishankar’s “Why Bharat Matters” offers a sophisticated and perceptive analysis of India’s place in the dynamic global environment. Jaishankar tells a gripping story of India’s rise to prominence by deftly tying together the strands of history, culture, and contemporary issues. The book is a call to self-reflection for all Indians as well as a guidance for comprehending the nuances of foreign policy. For those who want a deeper understanding of India’s growing identity and its contributions to the global order, Jaishankar’s work is both pertinent and vital as India accepts the uncertainties of the globe with an emphasis on stability and global well-being.

About the author:

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, also known as S. Jaishankar, is an Indian politician and diplomat who has made a substantial contribution to the development of India’s foreign policy.

In May 2019, S. Jaishankar entered politics when he was named to the position of Minister of External Affairs in the Indian government. In this role, he has been in charge of managing India’s foreign policy and speaking on behalf of the nation abroad.

Jaishankar’s diplomatic style is known for being clear-cut and practical, and his contributions have greatly influenced India’s position on a number of international issues. His views on India’s place in the world, as well as the opportunities and problems it has in the current geopolitical environment, are reflected in “Why Bharat Matters”.

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