Press Release Article – Selvan Srinivasan: The Author’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Expression


Selvan Srinivasan, the author of “Awareness Journey | The Happy Place Module – A Journey into the Deepest Aspects of Life,” shares his remarkable journey from being an entrepreneur and industrialist to an author and mentor. Motivated by the desire to share his message with the world, Selvan found his voice during a serendipitous vacation in Kodaikanal.

Selvan’s story is one of self-discovery, leading to remarkable physical, emotional, and mental transformations. Through emotional awareness, he learned to manage his reactions and respond with groundedness and authority, replacing aggression with empathy. Mind awareness enabled him to quiet his overactive mind, leading to better sleep and increased effectiveness. Spiritual awareness unlocked his intuitive and creative potential, helping him make optimal decisions without the need for trial and error. In this article, we delve into his motivations, thoughts while writing, literary journey, and some details about his personal life.

Motivation Behind Writing the First Book

Throughout his career, Selvan actively pursued spiritual practices, exploring various courses and teachings. His transformational journey began in 2016, leading to a profound shift in his awareness. The experience was so powerful that he decided to share it with others by becoming a mentor, healer and writer.

The idea of writing a book had been with Selvan for a long time, but it was a visit to Kodaikanal that brought it to fruition. After two years of being stuck at home due to the pandemic, he and his wife embarked on a long car journey to the South Indian hill station. During a meditation retreat at “Bodhi Zendo,” the inspiration struck him like a tsunami. The serene surroundings and the opportunity to connect with his inner self awakened his writing spirit. Following his daughter’s suggestion, he joined a writing group, and in just 25 days, the first draft of his book was completed.

Thoughts While Writing the Book

Selvan’s love for reading novels since childhood and his proficiency with the written word helped him express his thoughts eloquently. For him, writing wasn’t just about literature; it was a means to convey his message and share his insights about life. He experienced a natural flow of words, as if an intuitive voice guided his hand across the keyboard. Writing became a joyful and fulfilling daily routine for him.

Details of His Literary Journey

“Awareness Journey” marked Selvan’s first professional venture into the literary world. While he had always been adept at writing for personal and professional communications, this book allowed him to explore a new dimension of self-expression. He discovered that writing brought a positive change in his style, making it more beautiful and expressive. Engaging with writing daily, he expanded his reach, contributing short articles, posts, and answers across various platforms.

Insights into His Personal Life

Beyond writing, Selvan finds solace in household chores like dishwashing and kitchen cleaning. He also enjoys brewing coffee, making soy milk, cashew milk, and almond milk, and preparing innovative evening snacks. Walking, spending time with his grandchildren, and watching shows on Netflix or Prime video fill his day with joy and contentment.

Selvan Srinivasan’s early life in Chennai and Mumbai provided a rich cultural and entrepreneurial environment that influenced his future journey. Growing up in a home filled with spiritual teachings and intellectual pursuits shaped his outlook on life. His grandfather, a deeply spiritual man, introduced him to yogic practices and instilled in him a love for reading. Selvan’s voracious appetite for books, spanning from ancient Indian epics to Western classics, fuelled his intellectual growth from an early age.

Academic life didn’t engage Selvan’s excitement, as he effortlessly grasped most subjects, leading to boredom. However, he excelled in his studies, becoming the school topper in his twelfth board exams. Unfortunately, economic challenges forced him to leave his engineering college and join his father’s manufacturing business. Despite the setbacks, he embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and ventured into the world of business.

Selvan’s message to budding writers and the literary world

Selvan believes that reading and writing are an intrinsic part of human nature and communication. Despite the changes in technology and the way content is presented, humans will always write and read. The essence of written communication will remain constant, even if it takes the form of tweets, WhatsApp messages, or Instagram posts.

Surprisingly, Selvan experienced a writer’s block for over four decades, but it miraculously vanished during the creation of his book. He credits his daily practice of switching off the thinking mind and resting in awareness for this newfound inspiration. He invites others to explore this approach through the “Awareness Journey” to overcome their writer’s block.

Selvan’s writing process revolves around allowing creativity to flow effortlessly from the intuitive mind. He recommends stepping away from writing when it becomes an effort and returning only when inspiration strikes. Emphasizing the importance of play and joy in the creative process, he encourages aspiring writers to integrate Awareness Journey into their lives.

Selvan’s message to the world is simple yet profound: self-awareness is the key to unlocking one’s true potential and finding happiness. Through his writings and teachings, he seeks to inspire others to embark on their awareness journey and discover their happy place within. Selvan Srinivasan’s life story is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the transformative effects of awareness on every aspect of one’s being.


Selvan Srinivasan’s journey from an entrepreneur to an author is a testament to the power of self-discovery and expression. Inspired by the serenity of Kodaikanal and guided by an intuitive voice, he found his happy place in writing. His literary journey has evolved his style, and he now embraces writing as a daily joyful activity. With his book published and a passion for sharing his message with the world, Selvan encourages aspiring writers to explore the path of self-awareness to find their voice and enjoy the process of creativity.

Today, Selvan’s life revolves around his passion for mentoring and healing others. He is driven by the transformational stories of those who have found healing and happiness by connecting with their inner selves. His own journey into self-awareness has left him healthier, fitter, and free from chronic ailments that once plagued him. Embracing spiritual awareness has brought him deep fulfilment, boundless joy, and unshakeable faith.

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