In New Jersey, USA, R.P. Banerjee’s book Vedic Economy is published internationally.

On June 24, 2023, the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Centre hosted the international debut of Prof. (Dr.) Rama Prosad Banerjee’s book Vedic Economy. Swami Sarvapriyananda of the “Vedanta Society” in New York, a distinguished thinker, minister, and spiritual leader, attended the book’s ceremonial unveiling.

The book demonstrates how the concepts of unity and cooperation form the foundation of collective socioeconomic advancement. Vedic Economy, which draws from decades of research, is a magnificent example of scholarly investigation and creative thinking. Swami Sarvapriyananda, who praised Dr. Banerjee’s vision and the ideals and ideas the book promoted, gave it high commendation.

Published by Atlantic Publishers, Vedic Economy is based on the Mahabharata and Kautilya’s Arthashastra. Under the general heading of Utthana Shatakam (Six Principles of Economic Emergence), the work condenses vedic economic philosophy. It covers the following concepts: developing equirhythm, creating a synthesis, collective emergence, distributive justice in demand and consumption, emergence through knowledge, and collective unfolding. Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee gives tried-and-true methods for overcoming these obstacles to economic well-being while also analysing the pressing problems of poverty, illiteracy, disease, inequality, and socio-economic evils. Here, collectivism in economic management is promoted by distributing wealth, rights, and responsibilities, upholding, and providing equal access to resources, with a focus on ancient Vedic philosophy – ‘Sam gacchadhwam sam vadadhwam sam vo manamsi janatam’ancient Vedic philosophy –Sam gacchadhwam sam vadadhwam sam vo manamsi janatam’.

The book’s comments are in line with the Asian Integration Initiative Series of Borderless Asia, a ground-breaking endeavour Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee conceptualised to bring together nations throughout the Asian geopolitical environment. Sarve vavantu sukhinah/Sarve santu niramayah, which means “Let all be happy and well,” is the perfect antidote for a world rife with uncertainty. His emphasis on creating the New Global Man is in line with his ideology of integrating the world economically and philosophically.

At the 46th International Kolkata Book Fair, among eminent academics and talented artists from India and beyond, Vedic Economy was introduced in India. The vision of Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee will now have a far wider readership thanks to its global dissemination, which will also benefit the global community of thinkers, academics, scholars, and researchers.

Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee is a well-known professor of finance and ethics who is well-respected for his wisdom, intellect, and erudition. He is a legendary figure in the academic community. He is a renowned professor of management who has given lectures and classes at prestigious universities in Asia, Europe, and America.

The incorporation of Vedic spiritual principles in management academics was pioneered by Prof. Dr. R.P. Banerjee. His vision of developing educational excellence is being followed out through EIILM-Kolkata, which has been named one of India’s top business schools. The Institute’s Chairman and Director is Prof. Banerjee.

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