How Moving Online Changed People’s lives?

Before a couple of years, one could have only imagined life moving at the usual pace and the mask-free world without any alteration at all. But the outbreak of the coronavirus not only changed people’s lives into something else but also gave speed to things that would have happened slowly with time. Apart from the other effects like staying and home and spending time with family, one of the primary effects that happened with moving online.

Moving online was a phenomenon that was happening at a different pace before covid hit us. It took the speed of unimaginable measures when the entire world shifted online in no time. This gave people’s lives the revolution that would have come later in the future. It would find its way into history and may invoke people’s fascination about how the world was when it went online.

The online world and People

Shifting online would be remembered by not just those who lived through the time but also those who will be watching or hearing, or reading documented versions about it. It would also be remembered by the coming generations when they would hear about it from their elders. They would be noting the effects that happened because of the online shift as mentioned below:

  • Children were perhaps living the life of their dreams, learning in the comfort of their homes. The culture of learning online gave them time to sleep more, learn from other sources, and stay safe above everything else. While it may have taken their friends away, it also made them patient enough to hear the other person as learning online requires patient listening.
  • The work-from-home culture gave people the opportunity to work in the comfort of their homes without the worry of rushing to their workplaces and without any pressure of reaching on time. It boosted their productivity as they were able to focus on things in the time that was otherwise designated for travel. The internet was flooded with jokes and memes about people being dressed according to the video meetings and that was the absolute truth. There couldn’t have been anything better to it. as
  • The culture of online shopping flourished at a faster pace due to the online shift. Not just for normal shopping but also for food, vegetables or anything that is required at home. The shift made people’s lives comfortable and eventually, they were able to save time and focus on their productivity. Furthermore, the rapid growth of ‘influencer marketing’ further gave a push to the recommendation culture and changed the manner in which sales targets were achieved.
  • Senior citizens may have had the most difficult time switching to the tech-savvy mode. But the revised customizations of smartphones met their needs and made their lives easier. The facility of voice commands and video searches helped them to avoid the tedious process of looking into the phone and typing things and made the process a little less daunting.
  • Shifting online gave people time to learn and work on their skills. As a result, they could work on their skills like cooking or skills that would facilitate their career growth and take them ahead.

There may have been some disadvantages, but moving online has been a boon for people in many ways and will always be an experience that everyone will remember. Therefore, even if it may seem to be for a limited time as the world is switching to the offline mode, it would be an experience that can find its way into books, movies, and documents as a record in history as a stepping stone to change.

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