Brain and its connection with love

There has been endless research and explanation on the power of love and its effects on a person’s life. Various media like books, movies, short films, or any media have extended the explanations to justify the lengths to which a person can go when they are in love and what love can make them do. Love has been described as the most powerful of all emotions, and the impacts it can have can also be unanticipated. But it also has powerful effects on the brain, which many may now know about.

On reading the title of this article, for once, it may seem like a match of the opposites. Love relates to the emotional aspect of human personality, while the brain is more about the practical dimension. Many would disagree that there could be any connection between the brain and love as love is generally associated with the heart of a person. But in her book, “Wired for Love: A Neuroscientist’s Journey Through Romance, Loss and the Essence of Human Connection,” the neuroscientist Stephanie Ortigue talks about how the brain is affected when a person is in love and the impacts that love has on a person’s brain. Through her example and her life, she talks about how love changed her life.

Why is love important?

Love is necessary for a person’s life not for the sake of it but also as it is a quintessential requirement for the growth of a healthy personality. As per the author Stephanie Ortigue, “Love is a biological necessity, just like water or exercise or food… Love doesn’t have to be with a living person. if you are really in love with life, with your passion, with your hobby, it can be a buffer against loneliness.”

We all want to be loved and give love too. Love does not have to be particularly with a human being. It could be with a pet or a passion too. But it is necessary as it gives the drive, motivation, and reason to achieve targets and goals. As per the author, healthy love life is as necessary as a good diet to sustain good health in a person’s life.

What happens in love?

There has been ample exploration of the effects of love on a person’s life and behaviour. The magnitude and extents are beyond a person’s imagination, but perhaps everyone would agree and share the same thoughts on the characteristics listed:

  • The feeling of euphoria and excitement
  • The elevation of heart rate and the sense of connection
  • The push in the adrenaline levels as we feel more excited
  • The confidence to fight and take over anything
  • Losing track of time
  • Worrying about small details like clothing, looks, and even texting
  • The unusual kind of calmness, contentment, and completion

What happens when we are in love and what is the role of the brain?

The first thing that happens when we are in love is excitement and a good feeling. The brain is quick to observe this too. Many may have even noticed how happy they are and how everything seems beautiful to them when they realize that they are in love. This happiness boosts our mood and makes us cheerful all the time. This, in turn, boosts our productivity, and we are able to work better than before. The sense of security and completion helps the brain to concentrate on other things, and hence, the mood of a person is positive, cheerful, and light.

Brain and its relation to love may not have been explored at length, but the effects can’t be ignored either. Its power can be measured by the success, courage, and confidence a person gets when they are in love. So, keep loving and being loved.

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