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The quest for identity and the desire to understand the myths of life have always been the subject of central concern for human beings. This quest is what leads to a person questioning his identity and purpose in this life and God’s motives behind their birth. “Fall Can’t Cease the Springs” by Jatinder Aulakh is a step forward in the exploration of this question of identity, which a person faces and wants to understand by taking a plunge into the world of spirituality. Although the essence of Aulakh’s book may seem to be more or less spiritual for the readers, but when the question of identity creeps in, the work also takes the frame of an existential narrative for a brief while.

The cover mentions “Fall Can’t Cease the Springs” being an exciting adventure story that is full of spiritual curiosity. The readers get clarity here that the story is that is to follow is not merely a record of all that the narrator is going to share. There is a lot more to follow. In addition, there is an attractive cover which somehow or the other, matches the title effortlessly. This attracts the readers to take the book and the second attraction is the short length. The next attraction includes the pictures that the author has taken and featured in the book. These pictures take the readers on a virtual and imaginative tour, which gives them a memorable experience. They not only see the photos, but they are able to understand the visuals that the author creates through his words.

Although the author takes a fictional format to narrate the story of the narrator, who gets new names every time he goes on a new journey, the tale seems very realistic. Now and then, the readers start identifying the author with the narrator, which makes the account seem more non-fictional than fictional. This gives “Fall Can’t Cease the Springs” an edge over the other works written in the same genre. At the same time, the readers get an introduction to the lives that most people do not live and the challenges those lives bring. Aulakh talks of the lives of monks, pilgrims, and also travellers. These travellers are not the urban version rather those who are far away from the comforts of city life. The lives of monks are depicted in the initial stages, the rigid rules they follow, and the severe punishments they have on committing a mistake. In addition to physical challenges, the mental challenges that these roles bring and how tough it is to handle them is also something Aulakh’s work tells the readers.

In the 6 chapters of the book, the author uses pictures here and there, which take the readers to those places virtually, and they are able to understand the author;’s thoughts more closely. Overall, it can be said that “Fall Can’t Cease the Springs” can keep the readers involved both due to its interesting style of narrating events and also because of its being short. The author does not waver or falter into unnecessary diversions or distractions. The critical factor is the focused manner in which the narrates the work, which keeps the readers engaged throughout. They find a synthesis of different disciplines of knowledge, which include psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and history too. After reading through, the readers eventually agree that no fall can cease the spring (which for once seems to be a resonation of Shelley’s “Ode to The West Wind”)

All readers who are interested in reading a work that has the air of spirituality and mysticism and at the same time also has the flavor of adventure and fascination can take Jatinder Aulakh’s “Fall Can’t Cease the Springs” for reading as the book is no less than a package of all these things together. Readers who want to start their journey in reading spiritual books and prefer shorter length books can also pick this book for reading. The book not only talks about human beings, their position, and relation with nature and the universe but somewhere embodies the renaissance spirit when it talks about man being the superior creation among all other beings and have faculties more developed than any other species.

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