11, Apr, 2021
Book Review The Case of the Missing Brother by Vikas Sinha at The Literature Today

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A genre that can ignite the interest of any reader is the genre of mystery. Fact or fiction, both have the potential of keeping the readers glued to a work of writing. When there is further addition of other elements, the fusion that is created comes out as a more […]

“What we see in our childhood days, gets inside our head because some of those experiences have much more to impact, at later stages in our lives. Often people seem to remember something from their childhood experience and think or laugh about them, well sometimes people write about them too!” […]

The quest for identity and the desire to understand the myths of life have always been the subject of central concern for human beings. This quest is what leads to a person questioning his identity and purpose in this life and God’s motives behind their birth. “Fall Can’t Cease the […]

“As they say that somethings never change, that indeed is very much true when it comes to art, the love for an art form has been remained the same for the human beings, be it in the old times or in the modern era!” The book, “Misplaced Heads” by Author […]

P. B. Shelley’s in his 1821 essay, “A Defence of Poetry,” famously stated, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” The times and situations may have changed, but the nature and work of the “antennae” of society (as Ezra Pound would say) has not changed. This sensitivity and thoughtfulness […]

As always, I say, reading the Hindi books gives a nostalgic feeling. It might be because the Hindi language is not the regular language I speak. Because of the expertise I gained from my school and later life, reading Hindi books, both prose and poetry, have become a regime in […]

As times have changed, life has shifted from villages to cities and from eventful to mechanical. Amidst this, human nature has never ceased to surprise with its dynamism, and yet the basic instinct remains the same as ever. Although, many writers in the past tried to find the element of […]

There was a time when human beings were concerned about the outer world and trying to explore and searching for the facts undiscovered. In that hunger for knowledge, various scientific inventions and discoveries took place. After two world wars in this post-modern era, the subject of study has surprisingly shifted […]