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Children are receptive to everything they see and quick to learn. Above that, they are highly inquisitive by nature and want to know just everything. This is the reason that whatever they learn in the early stages of life gets imprinted in their minds for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, all that becomes their strongest memory and keep recalling things when they grow up or have some free time. Children’s books are written keeping this fact in mind, and that is why they are made colorful with lots of illustrations. Dr. Smitha Chandrashekarappa writes her book, “In Search Of a New Home In Space,” keeping all these facts and features in mind. The book serves as an adventurous and thrilling experience for young readers and a good story to become a memory of their childhood. The broad feature of the plot is the journey to the unknown and unseen realms of the universe, which most of us have only heard about or seen in books. “In Search Of a New Home In Space” may also prove helpful in enhancing the understanding of young children about space and related basic facts.

The book has a fast-paced story that is easy for children to remember and they also get their scientific facts and knowledge clear through this search for a home. The featuring of the character of an alien as a character creates a spark in the imagination of young readers from the cover itself. The colorful cover and the featuring of an alien traveling in a space ships prompts the young readers to get their hands on the book at once and read what the book has to say. After that, they are taken on a journey where, through the alien, they get to explore different planets in the solar system and also get familiar with the atmospheric conditions on them. It may not be easy to remember these little details for the young ones. Still, they will surely memorize by heart in the second or third reading if appropriately narrated with the necessary changes in speaking style, essential illustrations, their involvement, etc. The children are likely to have an enjoyable experience within the four walls and would feel like they have traveled space through one book. In this time, when children are not going to school, their hyperactive minds can be kept engaged and productive with the help of such books. Dr. Chandrashekarappa’s effort in this direction is praiseworthy.

“In Search Of a New Home In Space” is recommended to all parents who intend to make their children aware of the world around them and make facts permanent in their minds by the usage of appropriate materials. Reading such books is bound to provide a solid foundation for the future education of children. At the same time, the book can be enjoyed by all elders while teaching scientific facts to their children. The book is short, as per the need of children, it has fewer words, as per their retention power, it has more pictures, keeping in mind their cognitive abilities. Scientifically, it matches the abilities of children which makes it a recommended reading. Overall, “In Search Of a New Home In Space” is a recommended book for everyone old or young. Grown-up readers may also find this book of their interest and pick it up for the young ones in their family. This book is also suggested to parents who want to initiate their children into the world of reading so that they can develop the habit of reading for a strong foundation for their future.

Title: In search of a new home in space
Author: Dr. Smitha Chandrashekarappa
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Order on amazon

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