Book Review | Dr. Chinmay Divyadarshi Kar |The Literature Today

Book Review | Dr. Chinmay Divyadarshi Kar |The Literature Today

February 4, 2021 0 By Evincepub Publishing

Ever since the pandemic of the novel Coronavirus broke, the medical fraternity of any country has taken the frontline command and have emerged as no less than warriors in this battle of life and death. They are like those unsung heroes whose sacrifices at the individual level would go unrecorded in the history of humanity, and yet their collective effort will always be remembered. In light of this, Dr. Chinmay Divyadarshi Kar brings a fragment of these unsung heroes in his “The Profession: After When Can we Label it as Enough?”.

Dr. Kar talks about doctors who have been heroes since ancient times when medicine as a profession has glamour and prestige attached, and as times have changed, as a profession, it has begun to lose favor too. In his work, he features a series of stories and a few poems which are intended to be fictional, but they are so close to the reality that they strike the readers and give them a powerful jolt. They get to know the package deal of being a part of the medical fraternity and how doctors are rewarded for their selfless hardwork and devotion to serve people. He brings reality in the rawest form without any tampering or modification.

The readers who are slightly aware would agree instantly and also understand the pain and disappointment the desire to serve humanity can bring in a person’s life. In stories like “A Professional Secrecy,” “The Service Under Oath,” “The Adverse Drug Reaction,” and almost all others, these facts are very much evident. The readers may or may not be aware, but they would agree on what the author says. The fact that the stories are set in the Indian mainland is pretty much clear with the language that the author gives to the characters, which are surprisingly authentic and realistic.

Dr. Kar does not remain limited to presenting viewpoints from the people of the medical field but he also shows how society treats people who are a suffering from any disease or illness in a few poems he writes. These include “Toxic Dreams,” “What Hannah Won’s Say,” and Nephrotic Disaster.” These poems show the ugly manner in which society outcasts people and how they suffer at the psychological level. Sometimes he takes up narrating it through the first person, which makes the reading a more shocking and vivid experience.

Readers who want to read a work that gives them a close check of reality and makes them acquainted with the unsaid tales from the other side should read “The Profession .” The author may have kept the book short and stories less, still they are more than enough to leave a lasting impact on the readers to make them not just appreciate the silent hard work being done but also increase the respect and regard for doctors in their hearts. Owing to the present time and situations where hospitals are tirelessly working hard day and night to save people, this book is like a document of those many stories which perhaps may never be shared.

Title: The Profession
Author: Dr. Chinmay Divyadars
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha at The Literature Today 
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
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