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Book Review | Curse of Shiva & Other Tales | The Literature Today

November 12, 2019 0 By The Literature Today

Blurb: Who is S-499, and what did Ravi and Vijay see? What is the connection between the red roses and Sydney? How did Vetaal help Vikram? And what is the curse of Shiva? Curse of Shiva and Other Tales is an engaging collection of short stories and poems, which covers various themes. The short stories depict tales of science fiction, adventure, history, struggles and achievements. It delves into how one’s choices and actions in life cause unintended consequences for all. The collection of poems discusses themes like nature, life, and our role as an individual and the relationship we have with the outer world. The eternal conflict between our inner world and the outer world at large is a recurrent theme in many of the poems.

About the Author: Abhishek Goswami, born and brought up in New Delhi, has done his graduation in Science from the Delhi University and later on did PGDBA in HR. He has fifteen years of work experience in reputed MNC firms and is currently working in Gurgaon.

He has a keen interest in reading suspense/mystery books and mythological fiction. Listening to music and watching cricket are the other two important hobbies he mostly enjoys during his spare time. This is his first book, and this collection of poems reflects his interest in Science and Nature and the constant interplay these topics have with people.

Quoting the Author’s words, “This book is an experiment from my side to have prose and poetry in one book”

Golden Statement: “The mind which is faster than the wind sometimes creates so many unnecessary worries, more than the straws and creates a false pride in us which needs to be renounced.” 

My Take:  This Amazing book “Curse of Shiva and Other Tales” by Abhishek Goswami is a Unique collection of short stories and poems, which covers various themes. I have chance upon this type of book for first time. Short stories are always a joy to read because it much more impactful and thought provoking than a full-length novel.

The first thing which will attract you to this book is its beautiful cover which looks like an artwork. The picture on the front looks like a cover of classic collection of Mulk Raj Anand. 

This collection has ten short stories, where each tale is of different themes. Each tale is unique and completely different from another. 

The author has done a tremendous job in shaping up each tale with a different concept. From aliens to Shiva, from solar system to notes you will find each story perfect and unique.

Although I liked each story but few of them touched my heart deeply. 

The stories are “The Adventure of s-499, where two young boy Ravi & Vijay chanced upon a space ship and during their conversations with the Alien came to know the real value of Money which was most important thing in their lives till then. Being from an orphanage money meant everything to them, but Alien changed their perspective completely. What happened at last whether it was their dream or real? You have to read it to find it. 

“Vetal and Vikram” is most intriguing and interesting tale of this collection. Vikram and Vetal is a genre in itself but the author presented them in modern style and I must say it was for best. It’s interesting to read questions and answers of Vetal and how he played a major role in story. 

“Roses are Red” is different theme altogether and I must say its bit spooky.  “Curse of Shiva” is not only title story but most strong among the collection too. It makes us to go through extreme emotions.  “The last Note” is a journey of a note from its origin to back to its origin. How much he sees and changes hand in between its journey is interesting to read.

“Journey to the Nine” is a story of solar system.  Other stories are” The adventure of the hidden book”, “The story of Mahesh Das”, “Th Corner house”, and “The kind Soul”.  I must say each story is beautifully crafted and executed. There is not a full moment in any of stories. It keeps you glued till end of book to know what will be in next story. 

The most surprising and intriguing part of this collection is it’s poetry collection. The collection of poems is a joy to read after experiencing extreme emotions in tales. Although the fiction lover in me crave for more stories, poetry make it worth while. 

“The Enchanted Forest” is a nature poem and it make us visit mango orchard. While In “Sounds of Rain” they can feel rain drops seeping through your soul. Each of the poetry talks about different aspect of life. Some are nature poems, some are about different phases of life. I found “Void and Infinity” one of the most impactful poem in this collection.

I am quoting two lines from this poem,  

“I remain in void and in infinity too 

I am the immortal inner force in you”. 

This is a must have collection for every book lover. In one hand it is full of amazing stories and on other hand it is full of soulful poetry

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Abhishek Goswami
Book Title: Curse of Shiva and Other Tales
Publisher: Notion Press; (5 September 2019)                                   Paperback: 80 pages                                                                    Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Sneha Thakur at Theliteraturetoday

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