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Author’s Background: Pratibha Tiwari is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life and Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Career Counsellor and Healer. She did her Masters in Computer Application followed by an M. Phil and has professional industrial & institutional experience. She is the mother of two teenage boys and settled in Abu Dhabi with her lovely family. A firm believer in honesty and high performance, Pratibha enjoys spreading positivity and happiness around. She believes effective coaching leads to a positive change and making one’s life more ‘successful and happy’.


Interview: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Pratibha! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your book. What feelings does it give to an author while holding his/ her copy of the debut book?

Pratibha Tiwari: Thank you so much. Whatever we do in our life, the first experience is always mesmerising. When we experience unpredictable and unfolded things, it gives an extreme excitement and enthusiasm. I felt the same when I held copy of my debut book.

Interview: All of us are shaped by our childhood. How was yours and has it in any way contributed to your writing?

Pratibha Tiwari: My childhood was nice and had a big role in shaping up my life. I enjoyed reading, writing, playing during early childhood. I used to read comics and especially fairy tales, which gave me a feeling of castle riding in my imaginations. The writing had been my hobby and I used to write poetries. The same practice is still continued. 

In general, whatever I couldn’t share verbally with someone, I used to share with myself by writing in my diary. The same habit is being continued till today. My writing puts me at ease and facilitates to express my feelings and emotions. 

Interview: When did you first start writing and who or what was your first inspiration?

Pratibha Tiwari:  I like poetry & short stories. I am fan of ‘Rumi’. I started writing since when I had been in school. I still remember my diary which I didn’t share with anyone. 

When I reached to higher education, this writing habit converted to computer programs writing. As the time went on, my inherited hobby took me back to my childhood days and now again, I write poetry and short stories. Now my focus is on completion of another book which is next version of present book. 

Interview: Can you shed some light on the other books that you have written?

Pratibha Tiwari: It is my first book. I am working on the next version of this book with further expansion.

Interview: Did you ever receive negative criticism for your strong opinions in your book “Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach”?

Pratibha Tiwari: The positive Criticism always provides pathway for improvement but it depends upon by whom it is being given and how we are taking it.  Though I haven’t got any negative comment till now on this book but I will accept and appreciate positive comments for further improvement of this book. 

Interview: What kind of planning and research did you undertake for writing “Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach”?

Pratibha Tiwari: This book is based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I studied these areas / techniques thoroughly and applied the same with easy explanations along with case studies while writing this book.

Interview: A few tips that you would like to give our readers to improve their reading habit.

Pratibha Tiwari:  Reading habit is beneficial in many ways which improves our knowledge and definitely a good source for spending time with positivity. This keeps individual’s mind fertile and active. Book reading is a kind of an exercise which is required to be followed on daily basis.  Generally one should read at least one page of his or her favourite topic and should gradually increase more & more reading as time elapses. 

Interview: Tell our aspiring writers a bit more about how to go about the writing process.

Pratibha Tiwari: I advise aspiring writers to make practice of writing thoughts on piecemeal basis as and when these comes to his/her mind. Later on can these thoughts/ ideas can be converted to topics / chapters of cherished/thought book. Definitely it will require reframing and adjusting of previously jolted piecemeal based information. Undoubtedly, this practices and methodology will be a great help for aspiring writers. Once this practice is habituated, things will move ahead automatically.  

Interview: A few words for

Pratibha Tiwari:  I am highly thankful to through which I got a chance to share my experience and knowledge with readers and aspiring writers. Hope that I will be continuously getting the opportunity to do the same in future also. Once again lot of thanks. 

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