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My Thoughts:
Divided into twenty chapters, Dream Job is a light-read romance novel about Atul and his dream of acquiring a job in an MNC. Wanting to prove himself a good son, Atul becomes career-oriented where unknowingly he distances himself from the little emotions that make the significant part of one’s life. His father sacrifices so much for Atul and his studies, and before Atul knows it, a mishap takes place. What happens next is the crux of the story.

What to expect from the story?
Expect a sweet love story of Atul and Tullika.
Expect a beautiful story of friendship between Atul, Ronnie Pulkit and Animesh.
Expect a responsible yet loving story of a son-parents relationship between Atul and his parents, Mr and Mrs Gautam.
Expect a focus oriented engineering professional Atul Dewangan.

Who can read?
This story is a typical Indian rom-com, where the audience of ages groups 14 to 20 perfectly suit. The events and incidents mentioned in the story are nostalgic to readers like me but will excite young readers. The story is beautifully penned with no objectionable content. The story has moments between Atul and his parents that can be discussed happily between the reader and his parents.

How good are the characters?
This stands as a highlight in the book. There are fixed characters in the story around which the story revolves. Atul being the main protagonist, helps the readers travel with him throughout the story. The readers also meet his parents, friends, college executives, people at work, and finally, his beau. Every character in the story has scope, space, strength and dialogue. All the characters are very well balanced.

How good is the narration?
The story is narrated in the third person. There are conversations between the characters. The story seemed like a visual representation of some college students with whom the reader travels from their admission till their call-letters for jobs. There is a smooth transition in the story of every character from a student until a professional job holder

How good are the language and grammar?
Simple language with easy vocabulary is used in the book. As the plot is linear and straightforward, the language is also straight, and the readers go with the flow. I completed reading the book in 1.5 hrs as there are no significant twists which wanted me to take time. The last chapters had much action and emotion, which made me slow down a bit and finish the book.

How good is the Author’s writing style?
The story of Atul, the protagonist, is written honestly. There is an exciting foreword in the book where Author Ayan quotes about his interest and learning in how to write a novel. This very much attracted me to read the book with more focus. The book is an easy read with no much-complicated twists. As the book progresses form each chapter, we can see the characters developing in layers. I liked the way Author Atul has taken care in presenting the changes and development. As said, the story is relatable; the characters in the story also look close to reality.

How entertaining is the book?
The book has a very relatable story. It has friendship, love, responsibility and duties. A young adult who just finished his or her studies and landed into a profession will instantly connect to the story.

Final Verdict
A good rom-com for beginners

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REVIEWED BY: Swapna Peri  at The Literature Today
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