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                                                 The Humble Wrath

Name: Vandana Sudheesh
Birth Place: Kozhikode
Interests: Writing, dancing, singing, cooking, painting
Hobbies: Badminton, rest same as above

The Literature Today: Biographical Info?

Vandana Sudheesh: I hail from Kerala,Gods own country.After completing my Post Graduation in MBA(Finance), I joined Axis Bank.I worked for five and a half years.Recently I resigned due to personal problems.I am a wife and a mother of a four year old daughter child.According to me, one should always rise and capture their dreams.No matter what happens or who stands with us.We should be a voice rather than an echo.For my love to dance I am pursuing Bharatanatyam.

The Literature Today: Achievement So far?

Vandana Sudheesh: To tell about my achievements, I have been awarded certificates in all spheres ie., sports,cultural and literary items,competitive exams,movie spoof,adline  during my school and college days.Been awarded twice from Axis Bank Ltd for excellence in different areas.As a author I was being awarded Author 2020 by WEAA.

The Literature Today: Favorite Topics of Writing?

Vandana Sudheesh: I would love to write about the real experiences of one’s life,the path they went through.Horror poems are one of my favourite.Poems with love,pain and recovery I would love.I never tried writing stories.

The Literature Today: What describes you the best

Vandana Sudheesh: A mystery writer and a motivational writer.I don’t do good with romance though.

The Literature Today: Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words minimum:

Vandana Sudheesh: Well, I use to write in my childhood.But never knew the importance of it in ones life.I never treasured them.I love hearing album songs where I write the lyrics and read them again and again to take in all emotions.Then I thought why can’t I write.The journey started then.At times I wrote.But I took writing seriously after my book was launched on Aug 5.

The Literature Today: Tell us something about your book?

Vandana Sudheesh: My book is all about emotions which each one of you have gone through.What I have written is someone else’s story.I have portrayed the poems in such a manner that it reaches each ine of you.I kept it simple and humble.

The Literature Today: What encourages you to become an Author?

Vandana Sudheesh: Its my passion which I would love to take life long..Writing is something which helps you to drain out your emotions.Where we share things ourselves.

The Literature Today:  What is your current goal in writing career?

Vandana Sudheesh: My current goal is to acquaint with all those platforms that support my writings.I have a lot to improve and learn.So i should go through different poems so as to understand the real world of poetry.

The Literature Today:  The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Vandana Sudheesh: I didn’t want something to be simple or packed with just pain.Mixed emotions are in my thoughts.So I went with this title.

The Literature Today:  Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.:

Vandana Sudheesh: Currently I have started to write for my new book.I have just started my work.


Book: The Humble Wrath
Author: Vandana Sudheesh
Pages:  104
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Order on Amazon





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