Book Review | Her Name Was Flower | Imani Cortez | The Titerature Today

Book Review | Her Name Was Flower | Imani Cortez | The Titerature Today

September 9, 2020 0 By The Literature Today

Life is a special gift with which we are blessed, we need to respect this privilege and live a blissful life of serving the ones who needs our support!

Well, before starting the review of this Children’s Literature and Fiction Book, Her Name Was Flower by Author Imani Cortez, I must mention that all the revenue generated from the sales of this particular book will directly go for the support of the charitable causes in Africa, well this is probably the reason why I’m so fond of the Author’s work.

In this beautiful book, HER NAME WAS FLOWER, the Author Imani Cortez had made a selfless and noble effort of imparting her readers with the optimistic and deep message of moral values in the life of an individual. The book is a beautiful, poetic story about journey of a flower through life, accompanied with some real beautiful illustrations.

About the Author: The Author, Imani Cortez is a Citizen of the Universe. Having family from Central Asia, Europe, Africa, and USA, she learned that kindness and compassion are valued the same way in every country despite borders that exist today. Ever since she was a child, Imani was keen to write poems and short stories. However, she found true inspiration only after meeting her dear Teacher – Master Olga Gomon, who guided her to open new layers of her soul for Imani to start writing and listening with her heart.

Imani would start to write with one primary purpose: to remind young and adult readers that we, humans of this Planet – are One United Family, living in this home called Earth, which we should care for and protect, sometimes even from ourselves. Currently, while living in Namibia, Imani Cortez witnessed the real hardships of the certain native tribes. Moreover, lack of clean water, more and more impacting the natural ecosystem of this continent, leading to further endangerment of individual species. 

Introduction: The book, HER NAME WAS FLOWER is meant to guide the kids and young adults through life journey of a ‘Flower Girl’ and the readers will meet her parents to discover calm philosophy of Mr. Moon, warm wisdom of Mrs. Sun, kindness of the Night Sky Stars and valuable lessons of the friends that Flower will meet in this story. But most importantly there will an ultimate answer to the questions that our little hero always had in her mind.

The book talks about the journey of a girl, Flower. Her father is Mr. Moon and her mother is Mrs. Sun. Her mother always made it a point to ensure that the flower felt her mother’s love and care deeply. This is such an important aspect of relationships.

Theme/Concept: Well, this book, Her Name Was Flower depicts the importance of love, care and keeping the family relationships above everything! Most of the time, we love people so much but shy away from exhibiting, showing our affection due to various reasons. So, what is the use of such a hidden love, when the person we love, lives in oblivion, and secluded from experiencing such bliss! The book advocates that emotions are there to be shared and relished, something which acts as the Readers’ Connection to this book as well.

Title: The title of this book, Her Name Was Flower is certainly a catchy one and this is something which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. Moreover, it’s a very apt title for this children’s literature and fiction book and the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.

Verdict: A Book like “Her Name Was Flower” is undoubtedly a Must-Read one and deserves a chance. The way Author had written her emotions with a heartfelt meaning behind each and every word with such beautiful illustrations in this book that the book will simply win your heart. Moreover, you would like to read this story over and again as it could have so many interpretations on so many different levels!

Book: Her Name Was Flower
Author: Imani Cortez
Publisher Year:  2020
Total Pages: 30
Reviewed By: Neel Preet at The Literature Today                                              Order Book: Order on Amazon

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