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Professor Kodati Viyyanna Rao is a senior academician in the country, popularly known in the academic circles as Prof. K.V. RAO, is born in a small village-[Ghantasala- known to the Buddhist world as one of the prime places of significance] during the later part of the 20th century in 1955. The only person to have been graduated in the village and also among the few in the Krishana district, Andhra Pradesh. A bright spot of the times, having distinguished profile. He excelled in Academics as well as Administration.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Professor Rao has a distinguished academic career. He secured Second Rank at the University Graduation level. Stood First at Post Graduation and was awarded Gold Medal. Obtained Doctorate Degree in the early eighties, when securing Ph.D. is considered highly distinctive. Prof. Rao got employed immediately after completion of his Post Graduation. Thus, he started his academic career as Assistant Professor at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh. Later on he was promoted to the highest position of Professor in 1994 itself. In total put up four decades of teaching and research experience. He is a prolific writer and published 20 Books and about 160 research papers in the most reputed national and international journals. He was awarded Best Research Paper Award by the Company Secretaries Institute of India and Acharya Nagarjuna University. Received the Best Teacher Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for meritorious teaching and research. Served as the Visiting Fellow of the University Grants Commission. He visited many countries including France, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Panama in connection with the academic work.

ADMINISTRATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS: Academic Administration has been his passion. In the process, held many a position at the University level. Served as the Dean, College Development Council, Special officer (Exams), Registrar and Rector (Pro Vice-Chancellor). At the height of his administrative career, he was chosen by the Government to be the Vice-Chancellor for three Universities. It is a rare recognition conferred on Professor Rao and thus got the opportunity to put in practice many of his ideas into action.  A person of rare caliber, who can steer the destiny of Higher Education in India and abroad.

Title: A Roadmap for Higher Education Policy Making In India
Author: Kodati  Viyyanna Rao
Published ByEvincepub Publishing

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