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Swapna Peri: Welcome to  the  Literature today Journals, Salma. Congratulations on your book ‘ The Destiny’s Child Enima’. Before going into the actual interview, why did you choose the name Enima? It is very unique.

Salma Afreen: Thank you so much, Ma’am.

Actually, I wanted to give my novel’s main character a different name and like you said, a unique name  quite different from the repetitive ones. So, this name, ‘Enima’ came as a random thought into my mind which in reality has no meaning but it does  sound like the European girls’ name that’s why I kept it.

Swapna Peri: Tell our readers about yourself.

Salma Afreen: Well, about me, I would like to tell that I’m a very simple, fun-loving, honest and hardworking person who is never afraid of the challenges or any consequences that comes into my way. I’m also a very friendly and joyful person who loves to live each moment of my life in the best way I can. 

Swapna Peri: When did you think that you wanted to become a writer? Are there any incidents that make you think like that?

Salma Afreen:  Writing comes very natural to me. I loves books and I’m an avid reader since my childhood days. Writing enables me to present my deep hidden thoughts and wider imaginations onto paper and I’m very fond of doing that and that’s why I thought of becoming a Writer.

 Yes, they are certain incidents that pushed ‘the writer’ in me and to briefly state it, was the continuous encouragements from all important people in my life be it my family, my friends, my colleagues and even my students, they all loved my passion towards literature. Hence, I also thought of utilizing my passion  for Literature in the form of my career.  

Swapna Peri: Why did you choose the Fantasy Genre? Did any book inspire you? If yes, which book and inspired you.

Salma Afreen: Inorder to get off from your busy world and to forget your mundane things, I think nothing is better than reading a book of the Fantasy genre. It takes you into another world almost like a magical world and destresses your mind also. And as a writer, I find lot of scope in using my diverse imaginations by writing fiction work of this fantasy genre and that’s why I had chosen it.

Yes, of course many books did inspire me but if I have to mention one than it is a very famous book, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

Swapna Peri: How are you enjoying your journey as a writer at this young age? What are your plans in the near future?

Salma Afreen: I’m having a fairly good experience and quite enjoying this journey as a writer. Infact I’m very happy with my decision to pursue my career as a writer.

I’m going to soon publish my other works which are currently in work in progress form. And in future I desire to become a renowned author and would contribute my best works in the field of Literature.

Swapna Peri: In this book, the central character Enima is a strong girl. What is your opinion on displaying female characters in books as strong beings?

Salma Afreen: We females have to go through a lot of challenges and problems in our lives but we have to be strong both ‘mentally’ and ‘physically’ inorder to overcome all adversities that comes in our way. So, that’s main point which I tried to show through my novel’s main character, Enima, a strong girl who is self-dependent, couarageous, humble and also a compassionate human being. I portrayed her like a strong character so  that she can inspire all young girls.

Swapna Peri: In the chapter where the real identity of Enima get revealed,  what did you think a reader’s reaction will be?

Salma Afreen: I have so delicately written that portion when Enima’s real identity is being revealed. I think it must have triggered nostalgic emotions within my readers.

Swapna Peri: The story has a re-union and a happy ending. Did you also think of an alternate ending?

Salma Afreen: No, not all. I never thought of giving any other ending than that. My main aim is to give a strong message at the end about appreciating and welcoming a girl child into our lives. There should be no gender bias or subjugation of women. This point which is prevalent in today’s society also and it is being well depicted through my novel, The Destiny’s child-Enima’ and a lesson is taught in the end. So, I had to give a re-union and happy ending only.

Swapna Peri: Why is that teenagers or young adults mostly incline towards fantasy?

Salma Afreen: ‘Fantasy world is all what a young heart desire. Teenagers or young adults connect to it most. Their hearts get elated to feel the magic and warmth that the main characters of the Fantasy world exudes. When the teenagers or the young adults are tensed or burdened with their studies loads, they find Fantasy things be it fiction books or any film of that genre, very amusing. It depicts a dreamy and positive world that eventually destresses their minds and changes their moods and makes them very happy. 

Swapna Peri: Other than reading and writing, what are your hobbies or favorite pass-time activities?

Salma Afreen: I’m a nature lover and in my leisure hours I do some kitchen gardening work. I also like cooking, singing, excercising and aslo playing carrom.

Swapna Peri: How did your family react and support when you decide you want to write?

Salma Afreen: My family were really very happy with my decision. Yes, they had supported me a lot in starting my career as a writer. It was due to their constant backing only that had infused courage and zeal in me to pursue my career as an Author.

Swapna Peri: What suggestions do you give to the people who want to become writers?

Salma Afreen: That’s a good question! I would like to say to all those people who wants to become writers that never leave that hope and urge. Never yield to discouragements and don’t leave that hope that you cannot write a good story or a novel or any literary thing. You must always push yourself beyond your limit zones to achieve success in your life. So, basically whatever you feel like writing just put those feelings down onto paper and gradually your imaginations will slowly turn into a story or a poem or even a novel. And always read good books which will be beneficial in polishing your language.

Swapna Peri: Few words to the readers?

Salma Afreen: Well, to my readers, I would like to say that please do read  my debut novel, The Destiny’s Child-Enima and I’m sure you will not regret doing that. I’m confident that after reading my book, your dull mood will surely change into a pleasing one. Reading a good well plotted story, is just like a breakthrough from a busy and hectic life and allowing your mind to indulge it into something refreshing. So keep exploring good books, read them and support young authors like us to do more better in the coming future. THANK YOU!



=Title: The  Destiny’s Child Enima

Author: Salma Afreen

Pages: 222

Published By: Evincepub Publishing

Interviewed By: Swapna Peri      

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