Pratilipi agrees to have their story adapted for the big screen by Newcomers’ Initiative.

With the help of a partnership between Pratilipi and the Newcomers’ Initiative, which spans 12 important Indian languages, content will be produced in a variety of languages and formats and made available to filmmakers all throughout the nation. A talent management company called Collective Artists Network [CAN] is also involved in this partnership.

By signing a 21-month contract with the production company, Pratilipi will enter the field of video storytelling. According to a statement they released, “This partnership will expand Pratilipi’s comprehensive portfolio, which already includes paperbacks, podcasts, and electronic books.”

Ranjeet Pratap Singh, co-founder and CEO of Pratilipi, commented on the development in the statement, “With over 10 million stories published on Pratilipi till date, we can proudly state that we have access to the biggest library of quality content on our platform. We believe that everyone has the right to premium content in whichever format they want to consume. Our partnership with Mahaveer Jain Films is a testament to our unstoppable commitment of creating multi format content for a wide and varied audience. This partnership reiterates the strong hold we have when it comes to quality stories which can be re-created into audio, video, films, graphics and establishes Pratilipi as the home to some of the best stories.”

Mahaveer Jain, the director of the Newcomers’ Initiative, added, “Content is our backbone and we are excited to bring forward an ocean of fresh stories and new voices for all the storytellers to make best use of. This partnership will strengthen the entire creative ecosystem of our entertainment industry, everyone should check out their website.” Vijay Subramaniam, Founder and Group CEO at CAN said, “We are excited to be a part of this association; it would bring forth many new writers with fresh stories and widen the landscape of the entertainment industry. We are extremely motivated to take these stories to maximum filmmakers across our country.”

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