Mohan Yadav opens Gwalior International Literature Festival

Four-day Gwalior International Literature Festival was on Saturday inaugurated by Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav. The inauguration function of the festival, being organized jointly by Udbhav Cultural and Sports Sansthan, Akhil Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad and Central Academy School was held at the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM).

Writers from all over the country and abroad participated in the inaugural function. They are expected to contemplate on the current situation of literature during the following three days of the festival.

Inaugurating the festival the minister said that education which is needed in social life maintains a conscious form. He added that literature is such a science which has the power to remove the discrepancies in the society.

The minister further said that Gita manifests itself from literature which awakens consciousness to life. In such a situation, there is a need to present literature in a positive way in today’s modern environment. Minister Yadav also said that if there were no Mahabharat and Ramayana we would not have known the character of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. While Shri Ram’s character teaches dignity, Shri Krishna’s journey teaches the urge to live life. The birth of Shri Krishna teaches the complexity of human life. The minister added that Shri Krishna had shown courage to remove the anomalies prevailing in the society, and today it is the duty of litterateurs to play a positive role to eradicate the evils prevailing in the current environment.

The program was presided over by Keshav Pandey, President of Udbhav. President of Madhya Pradesh Home Construction and Infrastructure Development Board, Ashutosh Tiwari; Parin Somani, English litterateur and President of All India Sahitya Parishad and Chief Patron of the program Shridhar Paradkar were the special guests of the program.

Special guest Tiwari said that if we want to keep our traditions intact in life, then we definitely have to be associated with literature.

Chief Patron Paradkar said that literature is the most influential element in the life journey of man. The tradition of literature started from the Vedas and is continuing till date.

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