Jaipur Literature Festival Comes Back To New York City, US

The sixth edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival New York will return this year to represent the rich literary heritage of South Asia in the United States.

Globally renowned scholars, thinkers, and authors will speak at the JLF New York from 12 to 14 September. The festival has been put together in partnership with The National Arts Club, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Engendered, Asia Society of New York, Delhi Arts Gallery (DAG) and Avid Learning.

The programs will cover topics such as non-fiction, fiction, technology, history, and art, according to a press release by Teamwork Arts, producer of international editions of JLF.

The first panel titled “State of the Contemporary: NFTs and the Global South” will be presented by Engendered and Avid Learning on 12 September.

With a focus on South Asia, Techne Disruptors happens to be one of the first art, tech and NFT shows from the Global South curated by international curator and cultural producer Myna Mukherjee.

The show caters to Indian futurisms combined with indigenous technologies, and futuristic aesthetics–all the while, maintaining the ideas of cultural perpetuity.

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The panel will include popular names of art and tech including Professor Pattie Maes, who was the Chair of the MIT Media Labs up until recently; Anand Venkateswaran, CEO, E-Dao and the crypto investor who purchased Beeple’s record breaking NFT for $69.3 million at Christie’s online auction; Madeleine Pierpoint, Web3 MOMA; artists Raghava K.K. and Harshit Agrawal and Arpit Sharma, Vice President, Global Enterprises, Polygon Technologies. Asad Lalljee, CEO, Avid Learning will moderate the session.

JLF new York is a part of the wider umbrella of international JLF festivals in the US which also include the upcoming festival of JLF Houston on 9 & 10 September and JLF Colorado from 16 to 18 September.

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