Kerala Literature Festival 2024: Dr. Shashi Tharoor Will Host The Curtain Raiser; Verify Dates, Visiting Nation Of Honour, And Other Information

Delhi, New: One of the largest literary festivals in India is the Kerala Literature Festival (KLF), an annual literary event that debuted in Kozhikode in 2016 with the goal of offering a free-thinking, open forum for conversations and debates. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, a distinguished novelist and politician, will host the Kerala Literature Festival 2024 Curtain Raiser. The seventh edition of the festival is scheduled to take place in January 2024. The event is scheduled for January, as previously stated; however, the Curtain Raiser will take place in December of 2023. As a result of KLF 2023’s thunderous success and 500,000 attendees, it has emerged as Asia’s largest literary festival. Learn about the speakers, the venue, the key dates, and the honorary country.

Kerala Literature Festival 2024: Important Dates

As previously announced, Kozhikode, Kerala will host the seventh edition of the Kerala Literature Festival from January 11 to January 14, 2024. With Turkey serving as the guest nation of honour and showcasing its literature and artistic forms, the festival is anticipated to be a great celebration of literature and culture.

Kerala Literature Festival 2024: Curtain Raiser

On December 12, 2023, in New Delhi, nevertheless, there will be a curtain raiser for this literary event. Renowned author and politician Dr. Shashi Tharoor will host. Prominent writers, diplomats, and dignitaries will be present during the event. In addition to speaker announcements, special encounters, and media briefings, the Curtain Raiser will feature unique panel discussions on important subjects.

Kerala Literature Festival 2024: Speakers, Participating Countries

KLF is a festival of literature, art, and culture, with around 250 sessions over the course of four days, and 500 speakers/authors from across the world. The unique aspect of the literary festival is the convergence of top writers, intellectuals, artists, diplomats, bureaucrats, actors, and celebrities from many fields on the Arabian Sea coast. The other participating nations will be the United Kingdom, Wales, Spain, Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Spain, and France. The Kerala Lit Fest is a memorable event in the literary scene because of the fireside talks that take place in the evenings and the abundance of performance acts, such as rock bands, fusion nights, and concerts.

Kerala Literature Festical 2024: Venue

The Unesco Creative Cities Network (UCCN) recently designated Kozhikode, the location of the Kerala Literature Festival, as the “City of Literature,” making it the first city of its kind in India. This tour has been made possible by the Kerala Literature Festival, which has brought together ardent readers and well-known writers from all over the world while acting as a cultural light.

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