How The Schools Bloomed In 2022 For The First Time After 2020

What happened in the year 2020 is something that the world will always remember! The Chinese Virus (COVID-19) destroyed many of the lives in many ways, be it the business of a small vendor or the education of a hard working kid or the functioning of the governments and what not. In 2020, when the first wave of the Chinese Virus out broke then the whole world lost a lot in their battle with this deadly disease however, many of us who were safe in the first wave took things lightly, which resulted to the rise of the second wave of the Chinese Virus in the year 2021.

Therefore, it was just a matter of time and we lost 2 complete years and nothing concreate were done during these years as things used to get done before the spike of the Chinese Virus. One big thing that kept affecting the people in many ways was the unconventional functioning of the schools, all around the world. Almost the whole of 2020 and 2021 witnessed the schools being closed and online classes taking place via the mediums like Zoom or Google Meet. Even the beginning of 2022, witnessed the same thing at those places, which got affected by the third wave of the Chinese Virus. Nevertheless, things got under control very soon and fortunately, the third wave of the Chinese Virus proved to be ineffective and ended soon.

Moreover, the schools did open in a ‘Full Fledged’ manner, finally in the current year of 2022. Students went back to the offline or the traditional methods of learning without fear this year for the first time since 2020. Well, whether the conventional method of learning is better or the unconventional modern methods are better is the debate for some other time. While, today our focus would be only upon how the schools bloomed in 2022 for the first time after 2021. Interestingly, the parents as well as the students are happy with the way things are going after the re-opening of the schools and studies being carried out in the traditional methods. As most of the parents and students waited very long for this day to see the schools being functioning in a full-fledged manner!

So why was it so important for both the students as well as their parents to see the schools being opened and functioning in a full-fledged manner? Let us try to understand the reason behind this from the parents’ point of view first. Well, not everyone is equipped with smart phones, laptops, proper internet connections and the other requirements, which are essential for carrying out online classes. Not to forget, these things were new for many of the parents and they were not mentally and financially ready for these new changes. The books, notebooks, stationaries, uniforms and the other requirements, which are parts of the regular schooling, are themselves very costly and to add more burden these new requirements occurred too. One can only imagine how deeply these things burned the pockets of the parents, especially the ones who are not financially very strong.

Now, let us try to understand why it was so important for the students to go back to school and attend classes physically. Well, for students too getting familiar with new gadgets was not so easy, as it is easy to use those same gadgets for gaming and entertainment purposes but the very thought of using those gadgets for the purpose of studies is not very comforting. Moving ahead, it became very difficult for those students who belonged to the economically backward sections to keep up with this online classes’ thing. Most importantly, the reason why every section of the students looked up to the re-opening of the schools in a full-fledged manner is to live their ‘once in a lifetime – school life!’

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