India’s Urgent Need To Make A Population Control Law

There is not a single person in India who had not talked or studied about the crisis of Population Explosion in the nation. I mean, what are we doing to us & where are we leading our future? Why are we so adamant to exploit even the little that is left of the resources? Right from the junior classes, we are taught subjects like Social Studies & Environmental Studies to the senior levels where the student prepare for major national & state level examinations, including the popular Civil Services Examinations, we all study about the crisis of Population Explosion in India.

Therefore, almost every citizen of the country have ample amount of knowledge regarding the complications that are caused due to the high population growth in the country and still we are not ready to learn. We know the disadvantages, which the high population growth is posing to the resources of this country; yet we are not at all serious enough to demand for a ‘Population Control Law’ in our country. Even though, most of us are also familiar with the ways of curbing or restricting down the uncontrollable population growth of the nation still we are failing to make use of our knowledge in the practical world. It seems that we learn these theories only for the sake of filling our answer sheets in the examinations.

Unfortunately, no one is much concerned with this issue of ‘Population Explosion in India’ and most of us are not at all taking this issue in a serious manner. We are the same people who gets down on the streets in our cities or blocks the entry points of the national capital and destroy the public properties in the name of protests like uneducated & irresponsible fools to get our demands fulfilled. One such demand of the common people from the government is to get jobs but do we ever take out time to understand that why are the youths are not getting jobs today? Is it the fault of the government or our own fault? Yes of course, the reason for job scarcity is the high population growth of the country. There are not enough positions left in any sector to accommodate the ever increasing count of the job seekers of our country. It is really easy to point fingers upon the government however, it takes real education to look in the mirror and find out the faults in our own selves.

Interestingly, even in this time and age of capitalism and industrialisation, India is still an agricultural prominent country. However, adding to miseries of the country, we have to ‘Import’ many of those crops, which are very well cultivated and produced in our own country. The reason for this is again nothing new other than the high population growth of India. Unfortunately, our farmers are failing to produce enough to fill the stomach of the countrymen. Moreover, this is how we are deeply exploiting our other natural resources as well. Our consumption rate is way too higher than our production rate and this is the story of almost each and every sectors in India.

Aren’t these facts enough to fill us with shame? We call ourselves the members of educated society, but how many of us had ever raised the issue of bringing a population control law in the nation? It is extremely easy to learn the disadvantages of high population growth and to write down the methods of population control in examination sheets but the real education lays in following those teachings in our practical life. Why do we bring irrelevant points when some Responsible State Government tries to bring a population control law in their state? Why do we unnecessary co-relate religion with the issue of population control laws? Why do we repeatedly do the same mistakes, which our previous generations have been doing? Isn’t it high time for us to demand for a population control law in India?

A population control law will benefit all the citizens and all the segments of the society. Today, some biased people may be raising their voice against something as brilliant as the population control laws but tomorrow even the members of their families will be benefited if a strict population control law is implemented in the country. Real education lays in standing for the ‘Right Things’ and stop the hypocrisy of just talking good but not taking any required actions. Anyone can make a difference if not anything else then you can write a “Petition” to the central and the state governments and demand for the population control law in our country. Therefore, there is really no point of giving excuses and saying things like, “What can I do, I’m just a common person!” Because even a single person coming from any background can make a change if he or she simply decides to do so. Therefore, it’s high time now for us to wake up from our ignorance and demand for strict population control laws in our country!

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