For the 2023 British Academy Book Prize for Global Cultural Understanding, two authors with Indian ancestry—Nandini Das of the UK and Kris Manjapra of the US—have been shortlisted.

The 2023 British Academy Book Prize for Global Cultural Understanding has a shortlist that includes two authors with Indian ancestry: Kris Manjapra of the US and Nandini Das of the UK. Six writers from around the world have been nominated today, including them. The award recognizes work in any language as long as it is published in the UK, available in English, and submitted. It honors nonfiction works based on extensive research that have significantly improved how the general public perceives other cultures and the connections between them.

Manjapra is on the shortlist for “Black Ghost of Empire: The Long Death of Slavery and the Failure of Emancipation,” while Nandini Das is up for “Courting India: England, Mughal India and the Origins of Empire.” On October 31, a ceremony in London will reveal who will get the 25,000 pound prize. Each of the authors who made the short list will get a $1,000 prize.

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