Both Sudha Murty and Shankar Mahadevan have been appointed to a committee that will help create new NCERT textbooks.

Officials claim that Sudha Murty, the chairman of the Infosys Foundation, was chosen to be a part of a 19-person team assembled by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to assist in modifying textbooks to fit the new curriculum.

MC Pant, chancellor of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), will be in charge of the National Syllabus and Teaching Learning Material Committee (NSTC), which will create textbooks for grades three through twelve. Sanjeev Samyal, an economist, and Shankar Mahadevan, a musician, are additional panelists.

The panel will be responsible with aiding in the creation of textbooks and other educational resources that will be utilised by NCERT, per the terms of reference.

“The NSTC will work with Curriculum Area Groups (CAGs) to develop teaching-learning materials for each curricular area.” These groups, which will have pertinent subject-area experts, will be organized by the chairperson and co-chairperson of NSTC with the help of NCERT.

A controversy resulted from the removal of numerous topics from NCERT textbooks in May. The fact that some of the contentious deletions were not disclosed, despite the fact that the modifications were made as part of a rationalization exercise, sparked accusations of a secret attempt to delete certain passages.

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