Book Review | An Introduction To Lightning And Switching Surges In Power Systems|The Literature Today

Book Review | An Introduction To Lightning And Switching Surges In Power Systems|The Literature Today

February 2, 2021 0 By Evincepub Publishing

Nature has various ways of showing its mighty behaviour, and one of them is through lightning. The phenomena of lightning is something that people become familiar with during their schooling time, but there is a lot more to the subject than just a direct understanding of the phenomena. Subir Ray’s book, “An Introduction to Lightning and Switching Surges in Power Systems,” is a record of the experience and detailed understanding of the author of the title subject. Most readers would feel an enrichment in their knowledge as they read through the book and even after completing the book.

The author clears in the preface about the book being about academic nature and mainly focusing on students pursuing studies in this field. However, readers who have an interest beyond academics can try reading the book to have an intimate understanding of the subject with clarity from an experienced mind. With 7 chapters in addition to the preface and introduction, the academic experience of Ray finds its way through the pages in the manner in which he explains facts and information leading to a better and clear understanding of things. The book is a combined product of Ray’s years of experience in teaching the subject and his desire to share this knowledge and to benefit students who are not actually connected to him. In this manner, the book would help even those who are from distant, remote areas and may not have proper access to quality content. The attachment of a bibliography at the end of the book also gives information about how well the author has researched the content properly before writing the book. Hence, the book becomes a product of the combined reading of many authors finding one single platform for expression.

In addition, the author uses a language that is fine to understand for all types of students. Even students who do not have a proper understanding of the concepts would find their concepts getting cleared up as they read “An Introduction to Lightning.” To make his points clear, Ray also uses illustrations and diagrammatic presentations to share information wherever he felt it to be necessary. This helps in giving the readers a better clarity of the things the author talks about, and they are able to retain the content for a longer duration. The method also helps them recall all that is important and necessary whenever time requires.

This book would be useful for all those who are already learning about lightning and even those who have passed their colleges but want to keep their knowledge updated. Hence, there is no limit to the audience for the recommendation of this book because of the simplicity of language the author uses and the clear and focused content that he shares. Elder and younger, both readers can read this book. “An Introduction to Lightning” remains open to all those who want to learn about the phenomena of lightning and update their existing knowledge too.

Title: An Introduction To Lightning And Switching Surges In Power Systems
Author: Subir Ray
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
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