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 Author Ritesh R. Thapa comes across as a confident person after going through the book ‘I am the King.’

Quite innovatively, he has presented his work like a complete treat to the readers by dividing it into parts accordingly. That is, he has grouped the first few chapters as Appetizers, the middles ones as Main Course and the later ones as Desserts. Of course, it has come out to be delicious overall.

A reader might get astonished on reading about the achievements of the author, if he grasps the sense of his conveyed messages rightly. The content of this book includes but is not limited to the experiences and life-lessons of the author described in interesting ways.

To start with, Ritesh talks about attitude and puts forward the theory that mind is the most powerful weapon each individual possesses.
He adds that mind is selfish, it will always protect the owner. If someone wishes to be different, she/he needs to revolt against the mind. Ritesh warns that it will try to keep its owner in the comfort zone, but if one wants to achieve success, s/he has to push herself or himself out of the comfort zone.

While discussing the ways to succeed, Ritesh doesn’t forget to underline the importance of Time in life. He says it’s the most precious thing that we human beings can have and still, if once gone, it can’t be pulled back. He emphasizes the need to plan the time correctly and effectively, well in advance. The author says that one needs to ensure that it has to be followed meticulously.
Soon after specifying the importance of Time in life, Ritesh makes sure to add about the value of Dreams in life as well.
Nobody can take away your dream from you. It is only you who can convert the dream into reality. You need to be hungry to achieve your dream.

“Confidence is like bodybuilding. Muscle
can’t grow in a single day, one needs to work
on it regularly.”

Knowledge plays a very important role
for individual to grow. It will help
him/her to achieve the goal which has
been set.

Knowledge helps one to face any
situation with confidence and a smile.

There is a very thin line between
confidence and overconfidence.
Confidence will make the life, whereas
overconfidence will break the life.

 Individual should be very careful not
to enter the zone of overconfidence.

We need to be fearless.

When the whole world is against you
or does not support you in bad times,
your positive approach is the only
thing that will take you forward to
achieve your dream.

You need to have a clarity on the
difference between the positive
approach and the foolish approach

Ethics is the basic norm for a person
to be successful.

Ethics might slow you down to
achieve your goal but it will make
sure you achieve the same with a

Maintaining the ethics in life is most
difficult, but the final outcome is
fruitful and delicious. “This I can
assure you.”

 No achievement will be good or have
any value unless it has not been
shared or celebrated with the family
or friends.

No battle has been won by one person.
It can be won by the support of
colleagues, friends, family and boss.
Each and every member plays
important role.

To be a good Manager, first needs to
understand the people very well.

Great manager is the one who uses the
available resources to bring the best
result out of them.

 Salary is not the only factor which
motivates the people, it must be
supported with good working
atmosphere too.

Author: Ritesh R. Thapa
Reviewed By: Neha Sharma
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Pages: 144
Buy Book: Order on amazon

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