Book Review | Journey Through My Dreams  | The Literature Today

Book Review | Journey Through My Dreams | The Literature Today

January 21, 2021 0 By Evincepub Publishing

Every person, old and young, enjoys adventures and adventure stories due to their unexplored facets and the thrill of the unknown. This thrill of the unknown has found ample expression in literary writing and continues to find more through the words of imaginative and expressive authors.

One example of such expression can also be seen in Dhruv Dhakad’s book, “Journey Through My Dreams.” The title suggests the work being about the author’s journey, where he explores the unknown and the experiences he gets in this journey. But, the actual content of Dhakad’s work is quite different from what the readers may have perceived. It is somewhat different as it is more of a sequence of action packed adventures and stories that the author’s characters share through their encounters. These encounters make them come together and work together to get through the circumstances they face and the situations they confront.

The book’s cover indicates that it would be taking the readers to a different universe altogether, which is part and parcel of Dhakad’s imagination. Herein, he features stories with youngsters as centra characters where they are either on an adventure or adventure finds them eventually. They carry the air of thrill and experience, which keeps the readers in tune with the stories from the beginning. The grown-up readers may be reminded of their younger days when they would also explore the world with their friends in the same way. At the same time, the stories carry the theme of friendship, unity, and standing by each other at all times in good or bad situations.

Dhakad’s stories create a universe as Enid Blyton did with his “Famous Five,” however, the universe here is different as the characters keep changing, but the common element remains the adventure part. The readers would find a variety of characters and situations being featured in “Journey Through My Dreams.” These include mythical, imagined, fragmented, all kinds of situations that the readers may have thought of. Some stories that the readers would enjoy include “The Invisibility Serum,” “The Treasure Search,” “The World Inside the Book,” “The Legendary Blue Gem,” and many others. All these stories introduce the readers to the universe of Dhakad’s dreams and give their imaginative abilities an adventurous spin altogether. The manner in which he tickles the imagination of the readers is observable and commendable. The readers get an unforgettable reading experience coming from the eyes of a young author.

The author packs every story with a bunch of adventures that unaware characters share, and the stories explore their struggle to sail through the prevailing circumstances and emerge victorious in the end. The young readers would enjoy “Journey Through My Dreams” for the fascination they invoke and the heights to which their imagination can be pushed. In addition, he uses a language that all readers can enjoy. Young readers would enjoy these stories being read to them at their bedtime or any other time. The other feature of having a large number of characters throughout the book also brings the readers closer to Dhakad’s dream world. The readers would find characters with whom they can relate and identify. Since the genre is short stories, the characters do not find much space to develop and evolve. Due to this factor, they remain in their positions and explore situations as they come their way.

“Journey Through My Dreams” is recommended for all those readers who are fond of short stories or those who want to have a refreshing experience in reading. They would find characters exploring treasure secrets, fighting zombies, getting invisible, and exploring the consequences or exploring the legends surrounding gems. This book can also be taken by those who wish to initiate themselves in the world of reading or want to explore the genre of short story writing. They would not be disappointed for sure.

Title: Journey Through My Dreams
Author: Dhruv Dhakad
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha at The Literature Today
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
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