Book Review ‘A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change’ by Ashish Kundra

Title: A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change
Author: Ashish Kundra
Pages: 236
HarperCollins India
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Ashish Kundra, an IAS official, spent eight years working in the Northeast, which gave him the idea for his most recent book, “A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change.” In this book, he talks about the people of the Northeast who are emerging from the shadows of conflict in addition to his experiences there as a policymaker and administrator.
Geographically remote from the center, Northeast India has a unique ethnicity and a rich culture that set it apart from other regions of the nation. Thus, although being a part of the mainland for about seven decades, it experienced some neglect from the capital. But things are changing, particularly during the past few years, as there has been an increase in regional activity. These less well-known transformational changes taking place in the Northeast’s most remote regions are discussed by Kundra in “A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change.” He also writes about their journeys and lives, which not only capture the spirit of this little-known area but also provide a window into its everyday life.

In a 15-year period, the author served twice in the Northeast. And during everything, he saw the place transform gradually but steadily. In the book, he discusses a variety of topics, including the Northeasterners’ love of sports, the changes to the region’s infrastructure, the state of the healthcare system, the problems with unemployment and corruption, and more.
This work is timely because there hasn’t been much published on the Northeast. A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change, a thoroughly researched book about the people of Northeast India, is engrossing and honest to read and provides a glimpse of the region’s actual potential.

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Critics view the on book: Shashi Tharoor, author and Member of Parliament, said, “Ashish Kundra’s ‘A Resurgent Northeast’ offers an intricate exposition of the region’s history, politics, people and growth brought together by an author who possesses a broad insider’s perspective. His detailed account of the efforts, achievements and gaps in the governance and development of the Northeast presents not just the story thus far, but also the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”

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