Best book series you must read

Best book series you must read

Why should we read a series?

Reading a book series can be enjoyable for a variety of factors. To name a few:

Reading a book series can be a great way to engage with a story and its characters over a longer period of time.

Deeper character development: Spending more time with the characters is one of the advantages of reading a book. This enables more in-depth character growth, which can enhance and enhance the reading experience.

A lot of book series is set in highly imagined worlds with their own histories, cultures, and laws. You can learn more about these worlds and observe their development over time by perusing a series.

Engaging story arcs: Book series frequently feature multi-book, overarching plot arcs. This can make reading more exciting and suspenseful as you follow the personalities.

Reading a well-known book series can foster a feeling of community among readers. It can be more enjoyable to read if you talk about the books, exchange ideas, and engage in fandom activities.

Overall, immersing yourself in a fictional universe and its characters can be a rewarding experience when reading a book series.

Here are a few suggestions from our side to start with if you haven’t started reading a series yet.

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

J. K. Rowling is a British novelist best known for her seven-book fantasy series Harry Potter. A young wizard named Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, who are all students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, are featured in the books. The primary plot revolves around Harry’s battle with Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who wants to become immortal, overthrow the Ministry of Magic, and rule over both wizards and Muggles. (non-magical people). Scholastic Press in the United States and Bloomsbury in the United Kingdom both first released the series in English. Grafica Veneta in Italy prints the versions that are distributed throughout the globe. The Harry Potter universe explores a wide range of themes and incorporates a wide range of cultural meanings and references. It is a series of many genres, including fantasy, drama, coming-of-age fiction, and the British school story (which contains aspects of mystery, thriller, adventure, horror, and romance). The primary subject, in Rowling’s opinion, is death. Prejudice, corruption, and madness are some of the other main themes in the series.

A Song of Ice and Fire George R. R. Martin

American author and screenwriter George R. R. Martin is the author of the epic fantasy book A Song of Ice and Fire. A Game of Thrones, the first book in the series, was first released in 1996, but he started writing it in 1991. Out of the seven books that Martin originally intended to write, five have already been released. Six years after the release of the book before it, A Feast for Crows, the fifth and most current installment of the series, A Dance with Dragons, was released in 2011. The Winds of Winter, his sixth book, is presently being written. A Dream of Spring, the seventh book, is anticipated.

The fictional countries of Westeros and Varrock are where A Song of Ice and Fire is set. Each chapter’s point of view offers a constrained look at a cast of characters that expands from nine in the first book to 31 by the fifth. The conflict between various families for control of Westeros, the growing threat posed by the supernatural Others in northern Westeros, and the desire of the deposed king’s exiled daughter to sit on the Iron Throne are the three major plotlines that intertwine.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

British author C. S. Lewis is the creator of the seven high fantasy books in the Chronicles of Narnia series. The Chronicles of Narnia, which was first published between 1950 and 1956 with illustrations by Pauline Baynes, has been adapted for radio, television, the stage, cinema, and video games. The Narnia story takes place in a make-believe world filled with magic, fantastical creatures, and talking animals. It tells the stories of the exploits of different kids who take center stage in the developing narrative of the Narnian universe. With the exception of The Horse and His Boy, the main characters are all kids from the real world who are magically transferred to Narnia, where the lion Aslan occasionally summons them to defend Narnia from evil. The works range from complete Narnia saga, from The Magician’s Nephew’s creation to The Last Battle’s ultimate destruction.

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Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin

From 1978 to 2014, American author Armistead Maupin published nine books in the Tales of the City series, which follows the lives of a group of friends in San Francisco, many of whom are LGBT. Before being turned into novels, the Tales stories were initially serialized, with the first four titles appearing as scheduled installments in the San Francisco Chronicle and the fifth in the San Francisco Examiner. The following books were initially written as novels rather than serialized.

No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Alexander McCall Smith

Mma Precious Ramotswe appears in Alexander McCall Smith’s Botswana-based book series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. The first novel in the series, which was released in 1998, bears that name. Between 1998 and 2022, 23 novels in the series were released.
In this series, Mma Precious Ramotswe is the protagonist. In a way, Botswana itself is a character because it plays a significant role in the tales. Using the bequest from her father, Mma Ramotswe establishes her detective agency and relocates to Gaborone, the nation’s capital, where she purchases a home for herself and a space for her new company. She believes that in order to solve issues for them, a detective needs to know more about people than anything else. The adventures and faults of various characters are as much a part of the books as the solutions to mysteries. Every novel in the series builds on the one before it.
Beyond the author’s native Scotland, the readership started out modest before suddenly increasing in fame in the US and in England. Sales of the series in English surpassed five million in 2004, and it has been made available in other languages. The novels have received positive reviews from critics who believe the books’ strengths lie more in the personalities and life lessons of Mma Ramotswe than in the particular mysteries they resolve.

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