Book Review – A Beautiful Heart by Arun Warikoo Is being featured at The Literature Today Magazine Vol 2, Issue 3

A Beautiful Heart is a collection of alluring poetries that talk about life in general and everything around it. The book is divided into 4 parts: Family Bonds, Spirituality, Nature, and Inner Strength. Family Bonds comprises poems about all the important relationships of one’s life – father, mother, siblings, love interest, daughter, pet dog, and friends. The poet urges the reader to look closely at what they have and to cherish the happy memories of what they have lost.

The next section, Spirituality, talks about God being the One, Shiva & Shakti, Mount Kailash, Karma, Soul, Cosmos, and other places and people of spiritual importance. The writer’s faith in and admiration for Lord Shiva is visible. The readers themselves feel connected to the presence of God with these poems.
The Nature section should have more appropriately been named Kashmir as we read about the gardens, hills, and lakes of Kashmir. Apart from that, the poet writes about the different seasons in Kashmir -Autumn, Spring, and Snowy winter. Then there are different varieties of flowers – roses, daffodils, sunflowers, and marigolds. The reader feels enveloped by the multiple smells and textures of Kashmir.
The final section is about Inner Strength. The writer motivates us to stay strong and confident. He mentions various living beings – the eagle, lion, horse, and tree – that we could learn from and imbibe some of their traits.

The common theme though, throughout the book, is love and gratitude. It’s hard to pick my favourite part because they are all so good, but I think I will have to go with the Nature section. The section gives the reader a trip to Kashmir, taking them through all the iconic locations and emotions. It really inspires the reader to learn and take lessons from Nature and appreciate its beauty.

The poems are very simple and apt for an audience of any age. They talk about the simplest things of human life—what we see, what we are surrounded with, and what we often take for granted. These situations and things, being so tangible and real, grabs the attention of the reader. The book has a variety of poems with different topics and styles, but they all have one thing in common—they are all beautiful.
The poetries are really captivating and make you feel as if every word is being spoken to you. They can make you feel like you’re sitting with the author, listening to them talk about their life and experiences.

The poems are sensitive, emotional, and beautifully written. You can easily pick up this book, open a random page, and feel comforted by the poet’s child-like view of life. Often, as a kid, we would question the obvious, and point out the ignored stuff. Our parents would use animals and inanimate objects to teach us the biggest lessons of life. The innocence of a child is often forgotten as one grows up. The poet here attempts to connect the reader to their inner child. The reader goes back to the time when scenery would just mean two hills, a flowing river, a sun, a few clouds, a hut and some trees. In the complexity of the life of a grown-up adult, this book offers the reader nostalgia for a childhood long gone.

The simplistic style and easy vocabulary make it a quick pick. Often aspiring poets are scared to write, scared to share their emotions through their words. They often believe that poetry means fancy language, deep thoughts, and complex emotions. This book would allow them to debunk the myths associated with poetry. This book would encourage aspiring poets to write and share. Readers and writers who are new to the genre of poetry may use this book as a good start.

A Beautiful Heart is a book that needs to be treasured and read at calm periods, as it has the power to uplift and inspire. It’s a must-read for all who need an inner source of strength or those who want to explore more about themselves. I would recommend it to readers of all ages. Whether you are looking for inspiration to write or just want to feel good, this book is your go-to. I hope more and more readers and poetry writers would appreciate the beauty of A Beautiful Heart.

About The Author: The Author, Arun Warikoo was born in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, while currently he lives in Princeton, New Jersey, United States with his wife and two kids. Apart from being an author, he is also a nature lover and a Cyber-Security Specialist by profession. He loves to paint landscapes in his spare time.

Author Arun Warikoo holds a Master’s from University of Colorado, Boulder, a Diploma holder from CDAC, Bangalore and a Bachelor’s from Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad. He did his schooling from the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, New Delhi and Burn Hall School, Srinagar.

His poems are widely published in “Poemist” – A social publishing network that connects amateur poets and serves information about poetry, poets and their poems and elsewhere. His poetry collection book, A BEAUTIFUL HEART is his debut book, which is a collection of forty-five beautiful poems, written on four themes; family bonds, spirituality, nature and inner strength! The Author, Arun Warikoo has been awarded the best Indian Author by writing “A Beautiful Heart” by Criticsspace Journal & Book Fest Award – 2nd Place in Poetry of International fame.

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