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Swati Sengupta was born in Kolkata. She is a Major in Political Science with History from Lady Brabourne College which provided a deep insight into the political and historical fabric of this country; a Major in Finance later boosted her economic knowledge. Her life went on as a corporate professional but deep within her the love for books which had been cultivated during early childhood, remained and germinated into a plant.

The author has a racing mind that goes deep into the analysis of things and events, a penchant for mysterious places and unearthly realms, discipline in work, and a thirst for knowledge.

The quiet afternoons spent rummaging through various books from the home library maintained by Swati’s Grandfather laid the first foundation of her character – they infused her with the qualities held in high esteem by society. The world of books first familiarized her with the holy scriptures – which slowly seeped into her system as she grew up. She read more and more books and as she delved more, she started understanding society, the human mind, and the philosophies influencing them.

Later in her adult stage, certain events in life took her by storm – making her understand the truth and the transience of humans and their relationships. Through ups and downs in her life, she realized the importance of some superior force that has always protected and guided her.

As Swati’s life turned a new leaf, marriage happened and she settled down and new habits formed – like meditation, and traveling to tranquil places that are throbbing with spiritual energy. Of course, trips to these places could happen due to her husband and she takes this moment to thank him. The credit for her book’s cover also goes to him. According to the author, his understanding is superb and this resulted in the cover depicting the Urdhwapundrak which is Vishnu’s sign along with the Shakti Yantra drawn on the map of the Earth. The idea of putting the antagonist in Mayong – the seat of Occult was also his idea. Visits to Assam and these places exalted the vision and the manifestation in the book

Apart from all these, something in her changed – spiritually she started becoming different. She could understand the guidance coming to her through the stars and finally the dream visions, extraordinary experiences, constant premonitions and rising devotion to God culminated in the penning down of the book

The title of this book aptly describes the content of this book

In her First Book – she takes immense bliss in describing the time – when 2000 years are left before the appearance of Lord Kalki, the Tenth Avatar of the Mahavishnu. The plot revolves around the gifted Protagonist Adhrit who gets hold of a mysterious scroll possessing unearthly powers, gets chased through the hills and jungles of Assam and his small daughter is attacked by an occult mastermind. As the plot develops and turns towards Siddhashram – better known as Gyangunj – the last fortress where Satyug still prevails – ancient knowledge of RasaShastra, Vedic knowledge, and Tantra have been manifested here. Apart from this, the paranormal happenings in Adhrit’s house and the tremendous fight occurring between Dharma and Adharma in the last chapters of the book would be gripping enough to keep anybody glued to the book.

The mention of the rare Vishnu Tantra once practiced in pockets of Assam and mysterious Shakti Upasana of the immensely powerful Feminine Deity Kubjika puts this book into another level. The motive is to bring the power and Beauty of Ancient Sanatan Dharma into limelight. The book is based on true facts and Ancient Historical knowledge of our country and the glorious past it had. It sheds light how again and again the Divinity comes to the rescue of Mankind.

The book finishes with a hook which keeps the audience in suspense as it is to be continued in its next sequel.

The second book would continue and enhance the legacy as her ambition is to portray Lord Kalki in the proper Divine Light which he deserves and not make a human out of him.

Apart from this, her forthcoming Projects would be on different genres including thrillers, horror and paranormal.

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