Author Akshay Kumar is the new trend setter of the field

With his most recent release, A WAY, author Akshay Kumar has been trending everywhere, capturing the attention of all book fans. In a short period of time, the book had swept the Indian market and been crowned the best seller. It was sold in more than 20 countries, not just India. The book’s popularity grew as a result of its intriguing plot, and it was just named the book of the month at the Delhi airport.

Akshay, a software engineer by trade, is raising the bar in the literary world. G-Town society just named him the most prominent young novelist in India, and actress Shazahn Padamsee presented him with the honour.

He can be seen exercising weights in the gym, travelling mountains, and photographing nature when he isn’t writing. With his multitasking nature, he has become the new trend setter, with others gradually adopting his style and praising his work.

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