Balidan: Stories of Indian’s Greatest Para Special Forces Operatives: Stories of the Indian Army’s Greatest Special Forces Operatives By Swapnil Pandey

About The Book: Few possess greater courage, yet remain in oblivion, than the Indian Para Special Forces. To these brave operatives, worthy owners of the Balidan badge, is entrusted the safety of the most perilous heights and the annihilation of the darkest underbellies of terrorism. The legacy of these warriors is shrouded in mystery and legend. So secretive are their missions that little is known about them beyond code names like Ghost, Viper or Desert Scorpio. In this remarkable collection of tales of valour beyond measure, Swapnil Pandey lifts the curtain on some of the greatest Special Forces operatives and introduces readers to Colonel Santosh Mahadik, Captain Tushar Mahajan, Brigadier Saurabh Singh Shekhawat, Subedar Major Mahendra Singh and others. Based on more than two hundred interviews with the friends and families of these men, conducted over one year and multiple trips to various Special Forces Units near the LoC and the LAC, Balidan seeks to resurrect these men from the shadows for the first time ever.

About the Author: Swapnil Pandey’s extensively researched books are aimed at creating awareness about the work and lives of Indian Army personnel and their families. These include The Force Behind the Forces, Love Story of a Commando and Soldier’s Girl. She is an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, has worked with organizations like Wipro and HDFC, and taught at Lovely Professional University and the Army Public School. She writes a popular blog as well as articles for magazines and newspapers, and appears on national TV as a panelist. As a prominent voice from the army fraternity, she has been felicitated by organizations like ISRO. She can be contacted at, on Twitter at @swapy6, on Facebook at ‘Author Swapnil Pandey’, and on Instagram at @swapnil_pandey_author

Review: Swapnil Pandey‘s “Balidan: Stories of India’s Greatest Para Special Forces Operatives” is a riveting tribute to the unsung heroes of the Indian Para Special Forces. With meticulous research and heartfelt interviews, Pandey unveils the courageous tales of Colonel Santosh Mahadik, Captain Tushar Mahajan, Brigadier Saurabh Singh Shekhawat, and others, shedding light on their extraordinary sacrifices and contributions. This extraordinary collection of stories honors their valor, making it a must-read for anyone seeking to delve into the realms of true heroism.

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