Article by Ashwininandha Kumar

June 3, 2020 0 By The Literature Today

In spite of the perishable situation, the world is preserved in the three letters love. The purpose of the creation of this world is to show love to one another. Love for birds and for showing off a bird. The love that one man shows towards another. The only reason for this is the love of the raven, even if you get a small amount of food and eat it yourself. He who is without fear and desire is the best man.

So let’s accept the way of love and walk in this course. He who loves money is devoid of love and affection. A loved one belongs to everything in the world.

Heart is the symbol of love. We are the eye of our body. Eyes do not lie. True form is pleasure. It is the eyes that express love to everyone.

“Love everyone in the world and make life better”

All go in search of love.

Name: Ashwininandha Kumar (Writer, Poet)

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