The Top 5 Editing Services In 2022 Written By Editor’s Pick

In the last decade, the writers’ community has grown bigger with the flourishing market of self-publishing. Anyone can write a book, get it published and voila! You are an author overnight. It sounds quite easy, right? No, it is not. Writing is an art form and that art definitely needs refining before it is presented to an audience, lest the art stands bare with its flaws for the world to see. If you are serious about your writing, you better be serious for the subsequent job as well. Every manuscript needs professional editing before it goes under the lens of a publisher. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to go for an instant self-publishing mode or ready to wait in the long queue for traditional publishing. Your manuscript must be foolproof before you serve it to anyone. 

Here, we present the top 5 editing services from India that are ruling 2022.

1. Inkerspress – ‘Where Your Ink Stops, Ours Begin’. That’s how their home page welcomes you. In this era of COVID, if any editing services company could maintain a strong foothold in the market, it is Inkerspress. They are a talented bunch of editors, established writers, researchers and scientists who are thorough with the market needs. The best part of Inkerspress is its transparency. You won’t get trapped in the ‘God knows who’s the editor’ kind of thought. The team details are put on the website and rest assured, they are doing a good job, both in the academic and non-academic section of editing. They accept all genres in fiction, non-fiction and do scientific editing for research papers and theses. Inkerspress provides many ancillary services like Book Reviewing/Marketing, Translation, Ghostwriting, Content Development services for various corporates. They have a specialized section for plagiarism check. Recently they have started pitching to publishers as well. Their process is simple. They ask for a sample of your manuscript, evaluate its needs (free of cost) and offer you the most suitable service required. In short, if your manuscript needs just basic editing, they do not force you to opt for comprehensive editing. You can visit their website or just drop your query to 

2. ContentConcepts – Their concepts are quite clear in that they don’t stretch much beyond academic editing. They mainly work with research manuscripts and academic papers. They not only help in editing but also assist in the journal selection and publishing process. Their plagiarism services give them a clear edge for editing research manuscripts. The process of approach looks too simple, to say the least. Writers can opt for the required service which is both a boon and a bane. What if the writer doesn’t know which service is needed? All said and done, they have a good team to look after your manuscript. You can check their website, for more details.

3. PaperTure – PaperTrue was born in 2014 with the aim of making impeccable written English accessible to everyone. They believe language should not be a barrier to anybody’s success. They help students, researchers, authors, and businesses around the world reach their full potential with error-free and impactful documents. They hire only the industry’s best editors and put each document through a rigorous three-step quality checking process. With 24/7 customer service via chat, phone, and email, customers can instantly follow up on their orders and address queries to their editors. Over the years, Papertrue has expanded beyond English editing and proofreading to include referencing, formatting, and plagiarism checking for students, essay crafting for college applicants, and typesetting, cover design, online distribution, and other publication services for authors. Website:

4. Bound India – After Inkerspress, if anyone provides an overall service to writing needs, it is Bound India. Their website gives you a detailed idea of their services. Right from line editing to substantive editing, they touch every aspect of editing. They have a specific unit dedicated to manuscript evaluation (a paid service), wherein they describe the type of editing needed for a particular manuscript. They have other services like Ghostwriting, Book Marketing and they also pitch to publishers, though the publishers’ names are not disclosed on their website. The only hitch is that their response time is quite slow. You can find the details on

5. ManuscriptEdit – A company solely dedicated to editing and writing, they are based in Kyoto and Kolkata. They have a team of scientists, publishing professionals, editors, writers, business executives and researchers. They edit any genre of your book in fiction and non-fiction. They provide specific editing services only, though their pricing is competitive. They can connect you to the expert in your field who can guide you in proofreading, editing and reviewing your book. You can contact them through their website,

That’s all for now. Kindly note, editing is not as easy as it sounds. An editor’s desk is hardly empty. A piece of advice to all the writers out there; before you ask for a sample edit from an established editor, it is better to do a little research by yourself. After all, Google is always at your service. 

Until next time, Happy Writing and Better Editing.


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