The advantages of building an email list for book marketing and reader engagement

The advantages of building an email list for book marketing and reader engagement

If you are an author and looking up for tips to engage with more readers over the internet then undoubtedly you shall find out numerous tips. However, if you will dig deep and read what most of the blogs suggests then you shall find out that most the suggested tips to engage with the readers are not easily or practically possible. As, the internet can suggest you tips that cannot work out in real world and even if those tips may seem good but there is no guarantee that they will yield a result that you are looking for. Therefore, today in this write-up we shall cover one of the most fundamental method of reaching up to an enormous count of the readers!

We have often talked about building an Email List, in many of our previous articles too. Well, why do we keep suggesting this method? Because building an Email List is a real effective method of reaching more & more readers. An Email List that is prepared by using the relevant data & figures actually works & the best part is that it is indeed one of the most cost effective method too. So, what are you still waiting for? Do you still need more convincing? Well, in that case we have shall give you some real good reasons to highlight the importance of creating an Email List.

Now, let us focus over those points that suggests all the more reasons to create an Email List for the purpose of engaging a huge count of the readers –

 Reduces your reliance on Amazon

Just imagine a scenario where your books’ rank & visibility drops after some time due to the new releases! That will mean less sales and less income. With a mailing list, you have a direct connection to your readers to help keep a steady flow of sales coming in. On the other hand, if Amazon is no longer the biggest player in the industry then also you will not have much to lose and you will be prepared for these kinds of uncertainties. By getting your readers onto your mailing list, you are future proofing your publishing business for whatever changes lie ahead in this rapidly changing business!

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 Reduces your reliance on the Book Promotional Sites

There are several book promotional sites, where the authors are allowed to promote their books and mention about their marketing plans like price drop, discounts, giveaways and many more such activities. This helps the authors in reaching to a more number of readers, but authors should not just be reliant on sites like that. With your own mailing list, you can promote your promotions, to the people who have willingly given you their email address.

A base for the Direct Connection with your Fans

We live in exciting times where you can easily publish your own book and make it available to the entire world that too very much individually. One of the benefits of living in this digital age is the connection we can have with the readers across the globe. From the readers’ perspective, they love hearing from authors they like and from your perspective, you shall have a direct access to all those fans who buys your books & reads your work. It is a win-win for you as well as the readers!

 Other Vital Beneficial Factors

You can ask readers on your list for reviews, you can get beta-readers to help you look over your book before it goes live and provide feedback, you can get feedback on potential covers, you can increase anticipation in your fans by sharing tidbits from an upcoming book, and more! There are so many benefits from having a mailing list.

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