Shivani and I got married, Amish Tripathi got hitched in London.

Amish Tripathi, also known as Amish, the best-selling author of books based on Hindu mythology, tweeted that he had wed after months of delaying the announcement of his engagement.
For the sake of her and her child’s privacy, Amish continued to refer to his wife only as Shivani in his tweet. “A moment comes in life when its beauty is in its simplicity. And more importantly, the wonderful woman you share the moment with.

“At a simple registration ceremony in London yesterday [Monday, May 15], with the blessings of Lord Shiva and our parents, and the love of our respective children, siblings, and siblings-in-law, Shivani and I tied the knot. We are now husband and wife.”

As the Director of The Nehru Centre, Amish is in London, where he first met his wife. Preeti Vyas, his first wife, is the CEO and President of Amar Chitra Katha, which publishes the educational comic books that Anant Pai founded.
Amish tweeted about “War of Lanka,” his fourth book in the Ram Chandra Series, months before he announced his engagement.

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