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Welcome to The Literature Today. We are all group of readers who are looking for best books in the world. We also try to bring those books in front of all readers/ authors connected with us. We do expose best things about particular book. We do point out the mistakes that an author makes in the book. We also let our readers and authors know what could be better. Most of the times, we are doing book reviews and author interviews. We do talk with authors and share the glimpse of those talks with our readers. You can write us on contact@theliteraturetoday.com.

About the Theliteraturetoday and the Team:

Theliteraturetoday is the perfect platform for authors to have their book reviewed. Our book critics are experienced in reading and reviewing books since years. We are not those reviewers who looks for giving appreciations only. All our reviews are genuine and you may find some negative reviews too. Along with the reviews, we also give suggestions to the authors for what could be better in the book. You may explore our website to find best books we have reviewed.

Reviewing Terms at The Literature Today:

We are not doing promotional book reviews. We are always honest with our reviews. Please feel free to submit your book for reviews. With our reviews, we can’t ensure positive reviews only. We highlight whats the good thing about the book as well as demerits. You can call our team as true critics instead of book readers. We review books in around 10-15 days after getting the copy of book. Please feel free to send your book to us. We are waiting to review your book. 

Our Secret:

Our main secret of reviewing is we don’t keep any secret at all! We are open with our authors and readers by our honest reviews. We also discuss interesting facts about books and literature with our authors. You can visit our Author Interviews page to read some interesting talks with authors. We welcome both authors and readers in our website. We would love to hear from you. If you are a reader, do let us know your favorite genre, we will send some best books in the same genre. For our authors, we are always open to help with honest and genuine reviews. 


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