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‘It’s eternal when either someone is annihilated in one-sided love or alongwith the other one in a soulful relationship. Either physcially close or miles apart. Either by circumstances or thanks to the society.’ That’s what comes out as the essence of this sensational love story.

‘His Possessive Love’ is the story of a couple – truly, madly, deeply and intensely in love. An adult reader – or aged above that – will almost definitely resonate with the story at places or the whole of it. If someone finds it relatable beyond a certain extent, it may induce in them a hopeless pleasurable nostalgia too. If someone doesn’t find any connection at all, the story will still come out as enjoyable to him or her like a movie. Briefly put, the book is a complete package with something for everyone. This fuming hot love tale of Fahad – the Panther and Aasma – his Sky (as they fondly name each other once) starts like a story-next-door but as it progresses, it turns into the lovers’ obsession. So much so that it crosses the extent of madness. The reason being – possessiveness. What starts as an innocent fairytale, turns into an adventurous journey towards the end. This includes a particular phase of the story becoming interestingly complicated too. Definitely, it gets sorted out towards the end but doesn’t fail to keep the readers bound until taht happens. The complication is created as well as sorted out by the lovebirds’ obsession only. Isn’t it magical? Things turn out in such a way that at a point of time in the story, one of them feels rather ignored and overlooked. It’s interesting to find-out how it starts and ends. All the ‘supporting’ characters prove to be truly ‘supportive’ as they help solve the situation when it gets entangled hopelessly. The story is a must check-out for people with their special interest in the genre ‘romance.’.

Needless to say, Author Alisha Begum, who’s better known by her pen name
  AlishLuv, has done a splendid work bringing-out this novel. The language is simple and easy, which undeniably ensures entertainment for even the beginners. AlishLuv makes sure her readers are glued to the love saga from start till end by introducing twists and turns, now and then.  She has taken special care that the story doesn’t get monotonous, anywhere at all. She has portrayed the basic nature of almost all the characters as lively. The protagonist couple being the most so.

As if the magic done by Alisha, using words wasn’t enough, the text is accompanied by catchy graphics too. Depicting beautiful sunsets and seashores in many of them, the pictures enhance the pleasure of reading this grand love story further. ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,’ they say. But the cover of this book by AlishLuv has come out to be as intense and appealing as the sizzling chemistry of Fahad and Aasma – the lead characters. With ‘black’ as its dominating color, the cover seems to silently convey – ‘It couldn’t have gone any more intense. It is the ultimate love.’

Here’s a mesmerizing excerpt from the book: ‘I wiggle my shirt dry and place it on a nearby rock under the sun to dry it. She was sitting quietly on the seabed facing the sea. I sat beside her, she slowly placed her head on my shoulder and my arms went around her shoulder. The sun has finally taken off for the day. The beautiful, white, and strong teeth of the ocean, the waves, rhythmically move in 
synchronization to the ocean current and the neatly arranged huge ash rocks stand as a sea barrier and when they meet, the splash is something worth watching. It was just glorious.’

Descriptions like this hold the readers of this book pausing and re-reading for quite a while. It feels like being taken to altogether a different, far-off world. And the author has included many more such. Why wouldn’t then the potential readers be intrigued to explore more by grabbing a copy of the book themselves? Of course, there are multiple reasons for someone to do that. Of course, it’s well-deserved.

Conclusively, ‘His Possessive Love’ and its author Alisha Begum or AlishLuv make up an outstanding combo, all set to succeed in being amazing just the way they are. Team Evincepub has done a great publishing job as well. 

Title: His Possessive Love – Endless Waves Of Passion
Author: Alisha Begum
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing, 2021
Reviewed By: Neha Sharma
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