Follow NCERT to Understand Basic Concepts: JEE Toppers’ Advice

In January, 20 students took the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), Session 1, and received a flawless score of 100 percent. The top students talked about their preparation for the upcoming JEE Mains Session 2 test and offered some advice. Students emphasised how the NCERT helped them understand all the fundamentals and greatly aided them in passing the test. Coaching sessions also emphasised the value of using NCERT to cover the fundamentals of any topic. Ahmedabad native Harshul Suthar, who scored a perfect score this year, said , “I study till I can without counting hours. I first cover topics that interest me but not neglecting those I am weak in by clearing all my doubts. I started preparing from the NCERT curriculum for the JEE Main a month before the exam”.

Dnyanesh Shinde, the best student in Maharashtra, asserted that effective self-studying using NCERT and some guidance is possible. He got coaching from Kota, but he feels that the success came from his own self-study and application of the advice he had learned in class. In order to ace one of the nation’s most anticipated exams, the top scorers emphasised the importance of mastering the NCERT fundamentals, having the right coaching, and investing more time in independent study.

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